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Top Man

By BlueBomberX_23

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Normal Shot: Top Spinner: Top Man's normal shot makes him fire a spinning top from his hands. These tops travel at an average speed and deal 3 DMG each, you can shoot up to 3 of these tops with the shoot button. These tops will stay on screen for a while until they stop spinning and disappear, you can slide to keep them spinning. You can also aim the direction of these tops. Pressing shoot + up will send them high and by pressing shoot + down, you can place the tops right at your feet, this can be useful to set a trap for your opponent. These tops can bounce into walls when aimed up. You can retrieve the stopped tops by pressing up near them.

Special 1: Homing Tops: Top Man fires off 3 tops that will be aimed diagonally upwards, this attack costs 4 EP. These tops will stay in the air for a few seconds and then home directly to the closest opponent, hitting them and doing 2 DMG. This attack also can do up to 4 DMG if you hit the opponent when you spawn the Homing Tops and then when they hit the opponent again by chasing them. This attack also works as a temporal shield for Top Man, by absorbing the projectiles, the tops cover him from receiving damage. This attack works as a great counter to stop projectiles and to give high jump characters trouble.

Special 2: Top Spin: The one and only, his most iconic move. Top Spin costs 4 EP if used on ground and 5 EP if used in air. When using this move on ground, you're invulnerable while Top Spin lasts, you can hold the button to charge it and go further with Top Spin, but this will drain your EP until you reach to a wall or if you jump cancel the move, and yes, Top Spin can be jump cancelled. Top Spin on ground can deflect projectiles from enemies, and if it hits opponents, Top Spin will do 3 DMG . Now using it in air is a whole different thing, Top Spin in air can do +1 DMG than using it on ground (4 DMG), and in air you can't deflect projectiles, this move can be cancelled if opponents hit you so use Aerial Top Spin wisely by timing it correctly.

Other: Top Man has a fast wavedash. That's a cool advantage. Also you can do Slide+Jump to go really fast, and when I say really fast, it's truly fast!. Top Man gradually builds up speed as he moves akin to ice physics, this speed peaks at 4 times the maximum. You can also go left and jump right and repeat this or vice-versa to build up speed. For reminder, speed can be cancelled if you get hit or if you reach a wall.



Top Man is a speed pioneer whose techniques can really be a pain to some characters, 
in stages with walls for example his Top Spinners can be a real big deal because they bounce onto walls and they keep hitting 
the opponent until they finally stop spinning. In wall-less stages he can keep on shooting Top Spinners because they'll
go offscreen. With his Homing Tops he can protect himself from projectiles until the Homing Tops are destroyed, 
he can also damage characters who can high jump, giving them a knockback and cancelling the high jump, 
except with high armor characters who can high jump (The best example: Hard Man).


With Top Spin Top Man can
outrun numerous projectiles on his way while using it on ground, and while in air you can damage more your enemies, Top
Spin with your full speed on is a high pain for some contenders. He's a tough opponent and 
a nightmare on flat stages and on stages like Cut Man Boss Room and Wily Holo Chamber just to give a few examples.


Top Man's weaknesses are also present, the first one being non-flat stages like Quick Man Boss Room, if he fires a
Top Spinner in stages like this, it will get stuck, making it easier for opponents to avoid them, you have to rely on walls if the stage has it to make the Top Spinners bounce on walls or setting them as traps in certain points of the stage.


Your attacking resource are Homing Tops, but the cost 4 EP, and they're likely to fail in hitting the opponent, and you need to save your EP for Top Spin. If you run out of EP in these kind of stages, you're practically done for, leaving you the Top Spinners as your only way to attack.

He can be a stage dependent
character, but he's also a powerful fellow, so now you know it!. Don't underestimate the power of spinning tops and
give your best shot on battle with Top Man!

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