• You can now shoot Hard Man in the face!  Character hitboxes are now independently tracked from physics-based collision boxes. Weapons will no longer pass through tall characters’ heads, nor will vertical weapons miss wide characters’ sides when coming down from above.

  • Wavedash jumping has arrived!  If you jump out of a wavedash, your character will not turn around while airborne. This allows a player to retreat in the air while still attacking forward.

  • Hitstun canceling has been reworked for attacks with longer hitstuns, like Flash Shot and Hard Dive.  Now the timing is the same as other shots - press jump within the first 10 frames after the first 5 frames of a hit.  However, the hitstun extension is still endured by the player, so in these cases a cancel will not result in instant movement (the cancel indicator is still seen at the moment of pressing jump).  The player will still be given the bonus frames of invulnerability after suffering the longer hitstun.  Before this change, players had to adjust the timing of a hitstun cancel and execute the cancel toward the end of the hitstun, which wasn’t ideal due to the change-up in timing.

  • Magnet power-stealing sound files now appear in the game folder.

Online Changes

  • Host Options have been added to the host's online menu.  Hosts can now kick players and change lobby size while in the lobby!

  • ALL is now available as a random stage choice

  • When the lobby is set to random stage, the same stage will no longer be selected twice in a row

  • Boss Rush mode has been reactivated online!

  • Players can now check for active tournaments in the online menu

  • The server list now supports more than 8 servers at once.

  • New players are now prompted to change their name the first time they enter online mode

  • When entering online PINs, the field no longer needs to be empty in order to cancel out with Escape

  • Several sources of desyncs have been removed

Balance Changes

  • Heat Man now presses S1 in the air to perform an aerial heat barrage while fully charged.  This prevents accidental heat barrages by pressing jump after walking off platforms, etc.

  • Heat Barrage now ends when connecting with the edge of a stage

  • Hard Man can now throw Met Train and Met Heli

  • Spark Man’s giant spark now deals more damage in boss mode. He can also recharge EP faster in boss mode.

  • Doc Robot now consumes EP for Metal Blades (.5/shot) and Quick Boomerang (1/shot)

  • Note: This spend does not affect boss mode to preserve the integrity of speedruns


  • The combo indicator now appears when combo’ing no-knockback characters.  Note that they can still move during combos.

  • Invulnerability has been reduced for characters while in a no-knockback state (50 frames -> 30 frames) since they do not enter the 20-frame hitstun state, but rather skip straight to the 30-frame invulnerability state.  This does not affect Hard Man since his timer was already adjusted.

  • Summons are much less likely to spawn inside walls

  • Homing shots no longer target respawning players

  • A player’s EP no longer recovers when caught in timestopper

  • Debuff timers no longer count down while stuck in timestopper

  • Grapples no longer stay active while the owner is stuck in timestopper

  • Mega Man power timer no longer drains while stuck in timestopper

  • When Proto Shield reflects a Top Spinner, the reflected top no longer counts against Top Man’s max tops allowed

  • Leaf Shield and Crash Bombers now disappear while their attached player is transporting

  • Needle Noggin no longer harms Enemies and Summons unless Needle Man is jumping or the enemy/summon is falling

  • Gemini Laser is better layered, it no longer hides behind enemies/bosses after reflecting

  • Top Man can now extend his pose by holding select

  • Doc Robot now keeps his powers between rounds in Boss Rush

  • Doc Robot directional inputs for power selection have been disabled

  • Met Man once again teleports in after dying (as opposed to instantly appearing onstage)

  • Various victory animations have been adjusted for location and frame speed

  • Tomahawk 1 stage has been modified for more balanced play

  • A block has been moved on Top 3 that made certain characters unable to advance

  • Tourney and Balanced stage lists have been updated based on current tournament rules

Movelist Fixes

  • Flash Gatling has been corrected to show 3 EP for aerial usage

  • Needle Stab has been corrected to show 4 damage, 5 EP (not vice versa)

  • Homing Top has been corrected to show 2 damage

  • Top Man’s ability to press up for top retrieval has been added

  • Snake Glider has been corrected to show 3 damage

  • Tark Charge Shot has been corrected to show 4 damage

Bugs Fixed

  • Characters with a high jump can no longer cancel the high jump with a regular jump on the same frame while still eating the EP cost

  • Custom-set HP is no longer carried into Score/Boss/Online modes (playing Online like this would cause a desync between players)

  • Wall/Interference has been removed from the left side of the Yellow Devil 2 boss chamber

  • Characters can no longer jump off spikes the frame they land on them

  • Characters grabbed from a sliding path now enter their hitstun state appropriately

  • Players can no longer enter a boss gate while someone is in the process of respawning, thus leaving them behind.

  • Players can also no longer initiate a stock steal while the other players are entering a boss gate.

  • Score Mode deaths are now accurately counted following a game over

  • Proto Shield reflections now retain their combo property

  • Proto Shield no longer drains EP while caught in timestopper

  • Proto Jet no longer crashes the game when deflecting certain projectiles while Proto Man is dead

  • Tango no longer leaves when Proto Man dies, and he can no longer clip into walls when he stops spinning

  • Mega Man can no longer get stuck in place if he uses a stolen hard knuckle right before getting stuck in timestopper

  • Items spawned by Eddie now respect the 20-frame timer of being exclusive to Mega Man. This was not working, meaning opponents were able to grab the power up immediately upon it spawning

  • Mega Man’s colors are now properly reset if he dies while charging with a stolen power

  • Metal Man no longer spawns Metal Blades infinitely if time stopped during a Metal Tornado

  • Flash Man can no longer trigger a wavedash after starting gatling (could only be done by sliding against a wall to create the wavedash window)

  • Heat Pillar flames should no longer fall through drop-through platforms if positioned right at the edge

  • Needle Man now moves backward when hit out of a homing attack

  • Needle Man can no longer shoot in time stopper if he is frozen in a high jump while doing a rapid fire

  • Needle Man can no longer interrupt his homing attack with another homing attack while in a high jump

  • Needle Man no longer initiates an occasional empty homing shot out of a normal jump

  • Hard Man can no longer permanently cancel gravity by triggering a dive one pixel above the ground

  • Hard Man grappling Kamegoros/shells now behaves better when whirlpools interfere with the process

  • Top Man can no longer pick up tops while stuck in time stopper

  • Shadow Man no longer fast falls through Top Solids if initiating the fast fall just above it

  • Shadow Man no longer loses his fast slide speed during Time Stopper (if he recovers without taking a hit)

  • Snake bite now freezes properly in time stopper

  • Pharaoh Man no longer ignores hitstun while using S2 in the air

  • Pharaoh Man can no longer slide during his aerial S2 if he lands in the middle of it

  • Pharaoh Man now moves backward when hit out of a punch

  • Pharaoh Man can no longer hold a wave charge once frozen at match end, which allowed him to move while teleporting out

  • Pharaoh Man can no longer take a charge shot with him when he warps out

  • Pharaoh Charge Shot animation is correct now if he shoots just before throwing

  • Charge Man/Dashing characters no longer clip through the floor if they initiate a slide the same frame they fall off a ledge (e.g. while wavedashing backward)

  • Charge Man can no longer do weird things if he dashes immediately out of a normal shoot

  • Doc Robot’s EP is no longer drained for using Quick Man’s speed while stuck in timestopper

  • Cool Charge shot can now be reflected at up/down angles with Proto Shield

  • Met Man can no longer use NS after low shooting in the air (mirrors grounded behavior)

  • Met Man can no longer ride into slide spaces via Metal Conveyor while posing, which resulting in clipping when the pose was released

  • Met Train can no longer take non-reflect damage while closed (such as Crash explosion, Hot Shield, etc)

  • Tark no longer loses his second charge while in timestopper

  • Katyusha can no longer activate her second slash after sliding out of the first slash, resulting in moving her forward during the second strike

  • Web URLs now open properly

  • Wavedash speed is now retained when time stopper ends if recovering without taking a hit



  • New players are now prompted to change their name the first time they enter online mode

  • Top Man's top retrieval has been added to the move list

Bugs Fixed

  • Katyusha can no longer jump or slide while rapid jabbing, which also prevents the bug where she would get caught infinitely transforming into a motorcycle

  • Katyusha float works again



  • Slide Input has been added as a controls option.  Players can now choose whether sliding occurs - by pressing the slide button, down+jump, or both.

  • The game now remembers window size between play sessions

Online Changes

  • NAT workaround implemented - players with moderate NAT settings should now be able to join games!  Those players will still need to open UDP port 6521 if they want to host matches.

  • Players can now pause in online mode!  This doesn’t freeze the match, so pause at your own peril.  Players can also forfeit via the pause menu.

  • Lobbies are now left in the server list even while in a match, rather than only appearing between matches

  • The host can now set the stage choice to be one of the random stage presets.

  • The host can now set Blind Picks, which hides the opponent characters until the countdown begins.  Teammates will be able to see each other in teams mode.

  • Non-hosts can now check the rules via the lobby menu

  • The player whose stage was chosen in the last round is less likely to get their selection in the subsequent around

  • Stats are now properly tracked in online mode

  • Winning an online match with a clone no longer shows NAME as the winner

Balance Changes

  • Tango HP reduced 20 -> 12

  • Rush Jet landing penalty decreased 3 -> 2 EP

  • Mega Man no longer stops moving when stealing a power while jumping

  • Mega Man power steal EP reduced 4 -> 2

  • Cut Man can now perform a wall kick by holding against a wall and pressing jump

  • Cut Slash damage reduced (5 -> 4) and EP increased (4 -> 5)

  • Metal Cone is now able to be used in the air by holding a direction, whether in jump or high jump.  Metal tornado is used if no direction is held.

  • Metal Man is now able to move after using Metal Tornado (he no longer drops straight down)

  • Gemini clones now inherit invincibility status from its creator.  This is especially noticeable when cloning right after respawning.

  • Top spinners now topple in 33% less time

  • Top Man can now retrieve Tops by pressing up on them

  • Search Python victims can now jump two tiles high

  • Tomahawk Man can now jump out of his third jab after it has completed

  • Cool Icicles now fall 10 frames sooner (new random range is 40-90 frames, down from 50-100)

  • Kat second slash endlag increased to prevent Slash1-Slash2 infinite combos

  • Katyusha Motorcycle EP drain reduced 1/10 -> 1/12 frames

  • Katyusha Motorcycle transformation EP cost increased 1 -> 2


  • Tellies have been added to Crash 1!  Hazards must be enabled for them to appear.

  • Rush/Proto Jet now matches the creator’s direction when spawned

  • Rush/Proto Jet now aligns to the player’s direction when landing, rather than the other way around

  • Players can now jump off Rush/Proto Jet while holding down

  • Summons are now easier to spawn.  They can land a further distance below the player, and they are also less likely to spawn inside a wall if the player is near one

  • Spawn points have been adjusted on certain stages to create more balanced starting positions for 1v1 matches

  • Flash 2 has been restructured to prevent clips and better enable scaling the right side

  • Wood Stage 2’s bottom platform is now a solid.  This largely affects Rush Jet when sinking under the weight of a heavy character.

  • Shadow Man no longer fights Doc Robot twice in Score Mode

  • Score Mode no longer allows for pausing after the player’s last stock is extinguished.  This also prevents certain bugs from occurring

  • Wanaans no longer trigger after a match’s winner has been decided

  • Wily 3 stage names have been improved

  • Minor fixes made to petting the cat/dog.  Petting now extends leave/attack timers on the summons to allow for easier repeated petting.  Mega Man is now layered in front of Rush and is animated.  Mega Man doesn’t need to overlap as much to initiate petting.

  • Balanced/Tourney stage lists have been updated per the latest tournament rules

  • Move list and misc sprites have been corrected

  • Certain character colors have been adjusted

Bugs fixed

  • Discord Presence no longer shows Playing Online after canceling out of online menus

  • It’s no longer possible to cancel the server list menu while actively connecting to a host

  • Charge timers are properly restored in practice mode when switching from power gear mode to normal

  • Slide invulnerability was not working for Shadow Man and Needle Man.  This has been corrected

  • Character spawn animations are now frozen when in time stopper

  • Characters who are timestopped while throwing on a ladder no longer display the wrong sprite

  • Mega Man’s EP now drains properly when using a stolen Proto Shield

  • Mega Man’s Spark Shock now properly does +1 damage

  • Mega Man can now summon multiple Gallops in power gear mode, matching Katyusha's ability

  • Eddie’s delivery is no longer destroyed if tossed just offscreen, which was especially noticeable when Eddie was spawned near the top of the stage

  • Cut Man’s hitstun direction is now properly set if hit after a wall jump

  • Cut Man slash attacks now come out properly if used within the window of a rolling cutter being received and his throw animation completing

  • Bouncing Bubble no longer crashes the game when getting reflected by Proto Jet

  • Crash stage music now starts with the intro, and it loops properly

  • Flash Gatling shots no longer instantly despawn when double jump is used off the top of the screen

  • Wood Man can once again ride on a chicken

  • Magnet Push/Pull now works on Top Man and opponents standing on ice

  • Magnet Missile (and other weapons) now properly home in on bosses that are on the left side of the screen

  • Gemini clone no longer warps into WM2 chamber if he didn’t enter the transporter

  • Hard Dive now consistently hits bosses and enemies once every 12 frames, rather than sometimes hitting more often due to a bug.  This timer is shorter than the default no-reflect timer of 16 frames, enabling him to sometimes hit bosses and enemies twice with one attack

  • Connecting a Giant Spark with an opponent stuck in Electric debuff no longer allows the character to initiate moves while still in hitstun.

  • Search Mamba is now destroyed when connecting with an opponent (this was the intended behavior)

  • Taking a hit during Snake Bite no longer results in strange behavior if the bite was used immediately after a hitstun cancel

  • Shadow Man no longer continues to fast fall while in time stopper

  • Large Shadow Blades no longer spawn if Shadow Man is hit during startup

  • Pharaoh Man’s damage reduction has been fixed, he now properly takes 50% damage while charging a wave attack

  • Pharaoh Man can no longer release a wave while in electric stun

  • Tomahawk up-special feathers no longer combo, this was unintended behavior.  Normal feather attack still combos

  • Doc Robot now fully resets his Flash Timestopper startup animation if he was hit out of one previously

  • Doc Air Shooter ping effect now disappears properly

  • Cool Man’s name is no longer Cold Man on the boss victory screen


 - 9 new characters have entered the arena!  Say hello to Magnet Man, Gemini Man, Hard Man, Top Man, Snake Man, Spark Man, and Doc Robot!  Plus two original characters in Tark and Katyusha!
 - Each character brings their own set of stages, plus three new Dr Wily stages from MM3!
 - Native Online Mode! Matches can now be played online!  Up to four players can play in any of the main modes: Arena, Teams, Squads, and Boss
 - Cold Man is now… COOL MAN!  Yes, he has officially rebranded!  Enjoy the cool new victory pose, and show off his cool juggling skills by holding select to extend his cool new taunt
 - An all new main menu has been added!  Enjoy artwork created by Coreeno!
 - You can press select at the main menu to instantly access options
 - New title, story panel, menu, and credit music has been added by Chips N Cellos!
 - Online lobby music has been added by Scunsion!
 - New Metal Stage 1 has been added, designed by Jax!
 - New Heat Stage 2 has been added, designed by Jax!
 - A new enemy has arrived on Met Stage 1
 - Discord Rich Presence has been added!  Now Discord users will show their Mega Man Arena status - the game mode as well as time playing.
 - You can now pet the dog and cat!  Mega Man can pet his own Rush, but it must not have coiled and he must be facing him.  Proto Man can pet his own Tango so long as he’s sitting, and he also must be facing him.  Initiate the pet by posing while overlapping with your favorite furry (in a metallic way) friend.
Boss Mode Changes
 - Wily has unleashed three of his most devastating bosses - Yellow Devil Mk II, Wily Machine 3, and the dread Gamma!  These fights won’t go like they did last time, so get your weapons ready!
 - Boss Rush has been added!  How quickly can you blast your way through all the bosses?
 - E-tanks show up in certain boss stages.  Use an E-tank by pressing select!
 - Kamegoro Maker releases less Kamegoros at once in his final phase
Balance Changes
 - All non-Hard Man high jumps have been changed from 2 EP to 1 EP (save Magnet's which was already 1)
 - Proto Man Damage and Knockback have been reduced to 1.5X (from 2X)
 - Proto Shield reflecting Crash Remotes no longer leaves the remote in Crash Man’s control.  It will result in the crash remote switching owners and then auto-detonating after attaching (like a normal crash bomber) since Proto can’t detonate it
 - Tango EP cost has been reduced to 6 (down from 8)
 - Tango no longer immediately retreats when Proto Man dies

 - Proto/Rush Coil EP lowered 4 -> 1
 - Mega Man can now summon Eddie while riding Rush Jet
 - Metal Homing Blade is increased to 3 EP (from 2 EP)
 - Quick Man damage taken increased by 10% (to 25%)
 - Flash Man has a new move during his timestopper - if his normal shot is fired during timefreeze it will stand in place until the time stop is complete. If the shots are spaced properly (none hitting on the same frame) they will combo on the opponent
 - Flash Man Flash Stopper EP has been restored to 14 EP
 - Metal Man's cone blades are now Multihit
 - Metal Man's homing blades can combo
 - Metal Man has a new move - the 8-Way Shot can be used during a high jump by pressing the cone shot button. Uses 3 EP and does 2 damage
 - Crash Man's Crash Bomb can now be attached to himself using Down+S2, for cramped circumstances when you just need to walk or slide the bomb in yourself
 - Crash Homing Bomber EP increased 4 -> 5.  4 EP was established back when a 2 EP  high jump was required to use it.  Now that high jump is 1 EP, we’ve adjusted this move to be 5 EP.
- Crash Homing Bomber can no longer cause contact damage after latching to the ground or wall.  This prevents comboing into itself prior to the explosion.  The detonation timer has been reduced by a few frames to help the bomb collision connect to the explosion, but it is not a true combo and can be avoided with good reaction time or a jump cancel.
 - Heat Man's Fully Charged Shot has been increased to 6 damage (from 5)
 - Heat Man charge timer has been reduced (90/130 frames -> 50/90)
 - Heat Man Heat Barrage has lowered its damage and EP cost both by 2 (10/12 -> 8/10)
 - Heat Man Heat Pillars now pulse twice before receding
 - Needle Man Aerial Stab now deflects attacks until he hits the ground
 - Needle homing shot sped up 20%
 - Needle Man’s Needle Noggin position has been aligned better to climbing sprite
 - Shadow Man's Shadow Slide has been reduced to 1 EP (down from 2)
 - Shadow Man's Assassinate has been increased to 6 damage (up from 5)
 - Shadow Man is now invulnerable during fastfalls, and his shadow slide has twice the slide invulnerability.  When he’s in one of these states, he becomes partially transparent as he blends into the background.  Like a ninja.  To be clear.
 - Pharaoh Man's homing shot has been improved to add an additional two sparks that fire perpendicularly and have a slight homing curve to them. This will fill a bit more space and be a bit better for a 3EP/2DMG Move
 - Pharaoh Punch Damage raised to 4 (up from 3)
 - Pharaoh Punch Knockback has been increased by 50%
 - Pharaoh Wave has been expanded by 2 pixels vertically to better cover characters standing on higher platforms (2 up when locked to the 16x16 grid)
 - Pharaoh Charge Shot now lowers during a slide, allowing for passthrough contact with an enemy
 - Pharaoh Air Homing Shot has been tweaked for more effectiveness
 - Pharaoh Air Homing Shot can be used in the air even while charging a Pharaoh Charge Shot

 - Pharaoh punch can now combo
 - Pharaoh punch can now be used out of other moves
 - Pharaoh punch damage reduced 4 -> 3
 - Pharaoh punch now has increased endlag (without a hitbox extended)
 - Pharaoh punch deals less frames of knockback (40 -> 30)
 - Pharaoh punch deals extra knockback (.75 -> 1, normal knockback is .5)
 - Pharaoh Charged Init damage increased 1 -> 2 (before it’s fully charged)
 - Pharaoh Charged shot now gets +1 damage when thrown (this also applies to Mega Man)
 - Charge Charge now does -1 damage if used in the air
 - Charge Man’s armor has been decreased 15% -> 5%
 - Charge Meteor and Mega Meteor initial objects must now travel a minimum distance prior to spawning the coals.  This prevents instant projectile spawning by camping a top platform on some stages.  This change isn’t noticeable from middle/lower parts of the stage.
 - Tomahawk Man Changes
 - Walks, slides, and jumps 10% faster
 - Most attacks have less endlag, many hitboxes were extended forward
 - Triple Jab is now easier to do
 - Triple Jab damage now 2/2/2 (up from 1/1/2)
 - Triple Jab no longer moves Toma, instead the first two attacks now hold the opponent in place and the final strike launches the victim away
 - Opponent invuln on final strike of triple jab lowered to 45 frames from 120
 - Downtilt has been lowered and extended outward
 - Uptilt mechanics have been modified.  Tomahawk now has no knockback during the uptilt, deals more damage when using it, but has longer landing lag
 - Smash attack chargeup takes less time
 - Smash Wave now goes twice as far
 - Cool Man now slides faster, to align with his new slide sprite
 - Cool Block bounce maximum has been increased to 20 (from 10)
 - Cool Block death timer (after it stops moving) has been increased to 40 frames (from 30)
 - Cool Block now 4 damage prior to being propelled (up from 2) to make him more viable in situations where he cannot get a rebound (propelled damage remains at 5)
 - Cool Block EP Cost has been raised to 5 (from 4)
 - Cool Icicle speed has been raised 25%
 - Cool Icicle falling window has been reduced from 70-120 frames to 50-100 frames after appearing
 - Cool Icicle can now be used again when 2 icicles remain on screen (up from 0)
Boss Changes
 - Boss Death flashing intensity has been reduced
 - The last Mecha Dragon block no longer falls for melee-based characters (Toma, Hard, Kat).  This only works in 1P mode.
 - Wily Machine 2 no longer throws upward shots during its second phase
 - Alien acid droppers now only hurt players who jump, which allows for tall characters to safely run by
 - KGM now only spawns two KGs at a time when in panic mode - however, it will still release the final KG when it is ready, meaning that the final three can be onscreen at the same time
 - Players are now invulnerable while frozen to teleport out at the end of a match
 - Hitstun canceling is now limited to a 10-frame window, which is the last 10 frames leading up to the last five frames of hitstun.  In other words, you can’t cancel before the last 15 frames of hitstun, but trying in the final five frames won’t work either.  This is to prevent accidental and slowly-reacted hitstun cancels
 - Hitstun cancels in the first five frames of the window will create a green indicator.  If canceled in the final five frames, the indicator will be blue.  Either one grants an extra 10 frames of invulnerability.
 - The game options window is now canceled by the jump button.  This was deemed more intuitive than (for example) increasing stock count by pressing right, then having to hit shoot/back in order to accept.
 - Yellow and Brown squads have been added
 - The cheat code can now be entered on the title screen
 - If pause is globally disabled, it is now possible to still pause a match by holding pause for 3 seconds.  This prevents accidental pauses mid-match while still allowing players to quit a match if desired.
 - The game no longer crashes if the save file is corrupt.  Players whose data file is corrupt will now get a popup indicating data has been lost and a new save file created.
 - Controllers can now be removed/disabled in the Main Menu controllers options
- The combo sweat indicator was made larger, orange, and slightly rotated to draw more attention to combos
 - Players who die from a combo hit now still produce orange sweat (normally a player doesn’t produce any sweat on the hit where they die)
 - Move lists now use different colored bullets.  Red = damage, Green = combo, Blue = utility
 - Bottom Wood 2 platform has been stretched out.  This makes the stage a truly neutral stage, whereas before it unfairly punished characters like Heat and Charge whose moves could carry them offstage
 - There is now a 40% chance of hearing MM1, MM4-6 music at stage select.  Otherwise there is an equal chance of hearing MM2 or MM3 music.
 - Quick Stage 2 darkness doesn’t appear with hazards off
 - Needle Stage 1 has changed form, created by Coreeno!
 - Needle Stage 2 has changed form!  Slightly.
 - Summons that land (Rush/Proto Coil, Eddie, Tango, etc.) are now easier to spawn, they will adjust their landing spot a few pixels if possible to avoid landing inside a block.
 - When summons warp out on spawn due to collision with a solid, they now return the EP spend to the user
 - Players (not just Mega) can no longer shoot or jump off Rush Jet while in hitstun.  Rush Jet is no longer controllable while in hitstun, instead it freezes in place
 - Characters on Rush Jet now pause their movement when using throws.  This creates a lot more stability around attacks that normally lock movement, especially melee moves
 - Charging characters now alternate their actual colors, rather than presets based on the character
 - Shadow Man gates have been converted to double gates.  This prevents players from surviving between gates even after the stage has fully scrolled.
 - Met Train physics have been improved on moving platforms
 - Metal Stage 1 now has Item 3s in the gaps on the bottom
 - Quick Man now has different running sprites while he’s slow
- Some character colors have been modified
 - Many new tips have been added
Bugs fixed
 - Tango now falls while sleeping
 - Proto Jet now properly reflects all weapons
 - Mega Man can now use many old stolen moves on Rush Jet and on ladders that he previously was unable to use
 - Additional characters on a sinking Rush Jet (with a heavy rider) no longer stutter
 - Bouncing Bubbles and Homing Crash Bombers snap to the outside of walls better when spawned inside a wall
 - Bouncing Bubbles, Crash Bombers, Cut Shurikens, etc. now stick to moving platforms as they move
 - Crash Remotes are no longer oriented vertically if they cling to someone when aimed up/down
 - Crash explosions and other no-reflect weapons no longer hurt certain bosses while game is paused
 - Needle Man is now affected by speed gear
 - Shadow Man can no longer wall cling to blocks that are moving.  If a block moves out from under Shadow, he will now drop.
 - Shadow Man fast fall is now canceled if he grabs a ladder on his way down
 - Shadow 3 boss doors no longer repeatedly open/close after everyone is in the boss chamber
 - Tomahawk uptilt feathers can no longer be reflected, which allows them to properly destroy reflecting projectiles
 - Cold 2 no longer crashes when loaded without hazards
 - Two jingles no longer play when defeating Alien
 - Tip 86 has been corrected to say that Shadow Man uses Jump/S2 to drop
 - Summons no longer spawn above the ceiling on certain stages
 - Summons are no longer permanently frozen if their creators are frozen in time and killed
 - Spikes no longer kill you in practice mode if approached from the side



 - Needle Man has joined the arena!  Pierce your foes, the heavens, and anything else that stands in your way!
 - Needle Man brings three new stages with him!
 - New Hot Man and Cold Man themes have been added!  Music created by Chips ‘N Cellos.  Follow him here:
 - Game options can now be accessed in character select!  Press select to change stocks, hazards, team attack, and random stage choice.  Speaking of which...
 - Random stage choice has been added!  Select from several preset lists for what can be randomly selected when random is chosen.
 - Red sweat now appears when taking a combo hit, e.g. Tomahawk Jab combos.  This is a visual indication that a player was successfully combo’d.  A harsher attack sound will also play.
 - Max stock count has been increased to 16.  This allows for a squad with every character!
Boss Mode Changes
 - New camera code has been added for multiplayer boss runs.  The camera will now only advance at the pace of the slowest character, with a minimum of Mega Man’s speed, meaning that the camera can still go faster than Wood Man, etc., but it gives them a better chance of keeping up.
 - Players no longer die immediately off the left side of the screen in multiplayer boss mode.  This is to prevent players from advancing the camera too far and killing their allies by accident.  Players still die after falling too far behind.
 - On Mecha Dragon in multiplayer mode, the camera now lags behind the players to allow them to stay ahead of the Mecha Dragon.  Prior to this, only the lead player had a chance of getting in front of him before the autoscroll started.
 - Mecha Dragon takes more damage in multiplayer mode
 - Mecha Dragon now behaves properly in Time Stopper during the autoscroll section

Balance Changes

 - Proto Man’s Shield Bash now locks opponents in longer hitstun (20 -> 30 frames)
 - Proto Man’s fully charged shot can now hit opponents in hitstun (combo)
 - Proto Man’s shield size has been stretched to cover his entire body
 - Proto Man can raise his shield faster after a shot (15 frames -> 5 frames)

 - Time Stopper now better preserves original momentum when recovering normally (i.e. not getting hit out of it), specifically when frozen mid-jump or mid-slide.
 - Hot Man Move List updated - includes slide shoot and super armor on Hot Shield
 - Healthbars have been slightly rearranged when P3 and P4 are in
 - P1-P4 floating arrows and health bar indicators now reflect team colors in teams mode
 - High jumps are now affected by quicksand
 - Cut Shurikens and Crash Bombs now stick to moving platforms and stay with them as they move
 - Physics-based weapons now respect moving platforms
 - Gates on Shadow 3 will now reopen after closing
 - The stage select now tells players they can change pages with select
 - Alt+Enter no longer skips the intro/title screen
Bugs fixed
 - Picking random in squad mode no longer locks a player into random-only selection
 - Certain team combinations were unable to start matches.  This has been fixed.
 - Team stock sharing has been fixed to work with dynamic team selection
 - Crash Stage 2 platforms have been stabilized
 - Players no longer interact with moving jumpthrough platforms (Wily 1, Toma 2, etc) while riding on Rush Jet
 - Players can no longer jump off Rush Jet during a time stopper
 - Players can no longer use their high jump attacks on the first frame of the match
 - Proto Man can no longer move around if posing while shielding
 - Mega Man can no longer move off a ladder if copying a power while climbing
 - Mega Man is no longer forced to use a power when copying while climbing
 - Mega Man can now use Flash on a ladder
 - Crash Bombers no longer disappear when deflected
 - Flash Man laser removed (Flash Man would generate one shot/frame if frozen frame-perfect during time stopper)
 - When Shadow Man wall-clings to a gate in multiplayer boss mode, and the gate animation activates, he will maintain his wall cling through the animation and then drop the wall cling on the other side
 - Shadow Man now releases wall cling if the wall he’s attaching to disappears (i.e. yoku blocks)
 - Tomahawk Man can no longer hold a Smash attack when the match ends and he teleports out
CPU Changes
 - Fixed crash in 8-way aiming that had a rare chance of happening between stock changeovers
 - Proto and Mega no longer try to use shield on ladders
 - Transporter code patched to solve wall-running in Wily stages
 - Sliding navigation now functional



 - When spawning, characters will now dynamically face direction based on where their opponents are located
 - Proto Man’s reflections of physics-based weapons (weapons that respect solids, gravity, etc.) now retain those properties.  Proto Man can also no longer reflect shots from team members unless team attack is on.
 - Practice Mode feature added!  Enable hitbox visibility for melee attacks.
 - Major rework of collision code with summons/weapons/enemies/bosses/boss projectiles.  This is to standardize how collisions occur and to eliminate ‘cheap’ collisions (such as Tango blowing through other summons and all summons insta-killing enemies).  The end result should be that summons take/give mutual damage with enemies, bosses, and other summons, plus they now collide with boss projectiles.

 - Tip #110 has been changed to be more accurate, indicating that Tomahawk Man’s up-angled feathers will intercept projectiles rather than deflect them
Bugs fixed
 - Team Attack works again
 - Characters can no longer initiate a wavedash on the same frame as a throw, which would cause weird behavior with certain characters.  This required doing a slide against a wall to trigger the wavedash window while still standing, or otherwise executing with a character who has no slide
 - Character state resets have been added to transportation, hopefully removing issues created by starting a move (like Tomahawk Feathers) just prior to teleportation
 - P3 and P4 squad mode heads now show up if P2 isn’t in
 - Objects such as Bubble Lead and Met Train no longer move slowly in quicksand
 - Ladders can no longer be grabbed as they scroll in on Charge 1, resulting in the player being halfway off the ladder
 - Proto Man can no longer get a permanent gray outline by pressing shoot while sliding
 - The right-side Item1 on Air Stage 1 is no longer stuck
 - Proto Man reflections now correctly add to accuracy and damage dealt stats
 - Cut Man now gets his cut blade back visually if rolling cutter returns to him during a slide
 - Metal Man and Crash Man can no longer control their hitstun animation if hit during a high jump
 - Crash Remotes no longer bounce infinitely if spawned on top of a Proto/jet shield
 - Flash Man now behaves properly when hit during his Time Stopper animation
 - Flash Man can no longer use normal shot while using Flash Gatling on a ladder
 - Tomahawk Man can no longer use his up-feather attack during his first and second jab
 - Tomahawk Man can no longer cancel his up-feather attack with a jab
 - Tomahawk Man can no longer cancel uptilt with jab
 - Tomahawk Man can no longer grab onto a ladder when not overlapping it
 - Tomahawk Man up-angled feathers now destroy boss and enemy projectiles rather than deflecting them
 - Tomahawk Man no longer gets stuck when using uptilt to go through boss gates
 - Tomahawk Man no longer glitches when getting pushed off a ledge (such as via conveyor) while using downtilt or his up-feather attack
 - Tomahawk Man can no longer use up+S2 if he doesn’t have enough EP
 - Met Train is no longer triggered by teammates
 - Shotman enemies on Guts Dozer stage no longer stay invisible if hit during Time Stopper
 - Shotman enemy behavior has been fixed - they now alternate between high and low shots
CPU Changes
 - CPUs have better aim control and shot usage on ladders
 - CPUs can now play on quicksand effectively
 - Slide logic has been improved, fixing “sticking points” over falling exits and other minor improvements
 - Improvements made to jumping logic that makes surmounting walls feel more natural
 - Proto Man now uses shield bash
 - Mega Man now explicitly chases Eddie, and other CPUs have a random chance to situationally pursue close items
 - Shadow Man received corrections to how he uses high jumps
 - Charge Man no longer identifies slide markers as usable and gets stuck
 - Tomahawk has improved targeting in vertical situations


 - Character and stage select screens have been updated!
 - The main menu speed has been increased
 - Dynamic team selection has been added!  Teams are no longer hard-mapped to P1/P2 vs P3/P4.  Teams are determined by color selected during character selection.  Yes, 3v1s are now possible, as are 2v1s!
 - Tips have been added for secret characters!  They only show up when the cheat code is active.
 - A new boss has been added!  Fight against Kamegoro maker, who has a bit more excitement than the original MM3 boss.  No auto scroll on this stage!
 - Auto scroll has been REMOVED from the old bosses!  Auto scroll still picks up in the MechaDragon stage to mirror the NES game.
 - MM3 Transportation stage will randomly be chosen instead of the MM2 version.  To control the selection, select the stage and hold the 2 or 3 key for MM2/MM3, respectively
 - MM3 Victory jingle now plays on MM3 stages, including the new boss stage
 - ESC has been added as a shortcut in most menus.  Press ESC to go backward in the menu, and ESC can be pressed in character or stage select to immediately go back to the previous screen.

CPU Changes

 - CPUs can now be added in Arena, Teams, and Squad Mode from the character select screen.  As such, VS CPU mode has been removed
 - P1 can also be added as a CPU!  Press S1 or S2 while selecting your character as P1.
 - Vastly improved AI logic has been implemented
 - CPUs can now navigate treacherous and moving stages, so all stages have been enabled for CPU play
 - CPUs have received large changes to normal shot and jump usage to perform in a more “human” way
 - CPU will now work to escape certain types of hazards (like Crash Bomb Explosions), and will more safely handle pits and spikes
 - CPU difficulty levels have been tweaked with additional parameters for a more consistent experience

Balance Changes

 - Tango EP reduced 10 -> 8
 - Cut Man’s slash attack hitboxes have been modified to be more precise to his animation
 - Air Clustered Tornado EP reduced 8 -> 6
 - Bouncing Bubble’s height is now variable, depending on the height it is initially dropped
 - Bouncing Bubble EP reduced 4 -> 3
 - Cold Block bounce count increased 5 -> 10 (now shatters on 10th impact)
 - Cold Icicle fall timer reduced (random range upper limit 180 -> 120)
 - Cold Icicle falling speed increased 2 -> 4
 - Cold Icicle EP reduced 5 -> 3
 - Met Train HP reduced 12 -> 10
 - CPUs no longer add to global statistics
 - Random selection has been removed from S1/S2 buttons and replaced with a random icon on the character/stage select screen.  Boss Mode no longer has a random option.
 - Menu modified to remove VS CPU mode, CPU difficulty now exists in both Single and Versus menus
 - The game no longer checks for new controllers during a match.  This prevents keyboard controls from being taken over by an accidentally-attached controller.
 - Practice Mode now has the option to enable gears
 - Squad Mode now displays stock counts during a match
 - Proto Man now remains stationary when turning around while holding shield (instead of walking the other way)
 - Mega Man now shoots Silver Tomahawk without pausing to match the NES game behavior
 - If Cut Shuriken gets stuck into an object that then disappears or gets destroyed, it will now fall rather than be stuck in the air
 - During TimeStopper, summons (Rush, Eddie, Tango, etc.)  are now only frozen when their owner is frozen.  This has the added benefit of Mega Man not freezing his own summons when using a stolen TimeStopper ability.
 - Shadow Man can now cling to the sides of conveyor belts
 - Shadow 3 gate collision accuracy improved
 - Cold Icicle spawn locations more balanced across the top of the stage
 - New match-end freezing code has been implemented to hopefully improve stability.  Players now have horizontal control if frozen while airborne until they land.  
Bugs fixed

 - Sliding on the same frame of landing no longer zips the player through the floor
 - Kill counts are now accurately tracked when attacking a player who takes extra or reduced damage
 - Proto Stage 2 jumpthrough platform collision detection improved, particularly the area between the NORMAL and DIFFICULT text
 - Proto Man no longer regains EP when reflecting Crash Bombers
 - Proto Man can no longer use attacks during a shield bash
 - Riding Rush/Proto Jet out of water is now detected as leaving the water
 - Landing on Rush/Proto Jet no longer saps EP in Power Gear mode
 - Mega Man can no longer avoid pausing with thrown weapons (e.g. Metal Blade) by firing a buster shot just firing the special weapon
 - Mega Man no longer loses his charge shot if released while throwing a stolen weapon (e.g. Metal Blade)
 - Mega Man can no longer use Time Stopper if time is already stopped
 - Eddie now properly teleports out if spawned inside a wall, rather than spawning and releasing an item that gets stuck further inside the wall
 - Cut Shurikens now stick into Metal Conveyors, blocks on Air 2, Air Demons, and blocks on Mecha Dragon
 - Cut Shuriken now sticks and sinks into quicksand
 - Cut Slash no longer destroys icicles on Cold 2
 - Quick Man’s victory animation now reflects the correct color
 - Crash Bomber and Cut Shuriken collision on TopSolids have been made more accurate
 - A Flash Man who is in the Timestopper animation when another Time Stopper triggers is now properly stuck in Time Stopper
 - Flash Man gatling now pauses properly during a Time Stopper
 - P4’s Heat Barrage shield can no longer be deflected/pinged
 - Wood Man’s Leaf Shower is now properly cancels when transporting
 - Wood Man can no longer slide around during Leaf Shower if using Leaf Shield on the same frame
 - Wood Man can no longer throw Leaf Shower leaves during Time Stopper
 - While riding a chicken, Wood Man can no longer change direction or dismount during Time Stopper
 - Shadow Man no longer drops through jumpthrough platforms (Wood2, etc) if fast falling a few pixels above the floor
 - Pharaoh Man charging effect now behaves properly if the player is frozen and subsequently hit during a Time Stopper
 - Pharaoh Man can no longer punch (without animation) while charging S1
 - Pharaoh Man no longer loses his fast air speed when jumping out of a slide
 - Tomahawk Man no longer locks up if he lands in the middle of an aerial attack and jabs on the first frame after landing
 - Tomahawk Man can no longer use his aerial attack simultaneously with a feather/tomahawk throw, which resulted in abnormal behavior
 - Tomahawk Man mashing S1 no longer restarts his throwing animation without releasing a Silver Tomahawk
 - Tomahawk Man now cancels his jabs and smash attack if he’s airborne
 - Tomahawk Man’s Smash attack now behaves properly when he is hit during the charge
 - Tomahawk Man can no longer use his up-S2 attack while smash attacking
 - Cold Man’s charge shot is no longer erased if the shoot button is released during a throw
 - Met Man can no longer cancel the pause of his low shot by first firing a spread shot
 - Met Man can now use rapid low shot in Power Gear mode
 - Met Train collision detection corrected to allow proper turnarounds against a wall
 - Met Train no longer destroys enemies while teleporting
 - Met Train can now be summoned on quicksand
 - Met Dispenser no longer deflects non-deflectable weapons as it’s coming online
 - Tango, Met Train, and Met Heli are better tracked for accuracy calculations
 - Score Mode time GUI no longer visible when looking at keyboard controls and move list
 - Boss Health no longer visible when looking at keyboard controls
 - Players no longer sink in quicksand during time stopper
 - Alien resurrection on Wily 3 no longer triggers music to comes back on if background music is disabled
 - Wily Machine 2 now behaves properly while paused (shot timer no longer progresses)
 - New characters’ Boss records are now loaded properly for Wily Machine 2
 - Players can no longer gain health/energy via an item (such as from Eddie) while respawning, which would softlock the character
 - Invulnerability flickering is corrected to alternative between 2 frames visible, 2 frames invisible.  A bug was causing it to be 3 frames visible and 1 frame invisible
 - “Damage dealt” counter now takes opponent’s damage modifier into account
 - Boss health bar and clock no longer appear on the mid-match keyboard controls screen
 - Item drops no longer get stuck in the air if they rise above the top of the screen
 - CPU Options in practice mode now work properly again
 - Power Gear fixes
   - Proto Man’s Shield Bash no longer consumes EP
   - Proto Man’s charge shot is now instantly charged
   - Rush Jet and Proto Jet no longer consume EP



 - All player controls and any keyboard press can now be used to advance the Intro/Title screens
 - Skipping the score tally in Score Mode is now triggered by a single button press
 - The score tally in Score Mode now goes faster when not skipped
 - CPU Difficulty now displays on Score Mode victory screen
 - Rematch option added to Score Mode
 - Tomahawk Man can now only use one attack per slide
Bugs fixed
 - Colors on Bubble Man's new victory animation have been corrected
 - Colors on Proto Man's new victory animation have been corrected
 - Tomahawk Man can no longer wavedash while Smash attacking and jabbing
 - Tomahawk Man no longer softlocks when jabbing on the first frame after landing
 - Jabbing with Tomahawk Man now works out of a wavedash
 - The game no longer crashes when some projectiles impact a Proto Jet
 - The game no longer crashes at launch when the save file is on Version 1.0.4
 - Using a long/short TimeStopper at the same time as another Flash Man no longer crashes the game
 - Score Mode now uses proper colors when playing a ditto match


 - 7 new characters - there are now 18 total!  (3 are secret characters)
 - 21 new stages - there are now 54 total!
 - Score Mode has been added!  Play in the tournament and land the top score!
 - vs CPU Mode has been added!  Play against a CPU in a normal versus match.
 - New single player menu has been implemented!  Access Boss Mode, Score Mode, and vs CPU.
 - Starting health can now be changed.  Get your weapons ready for sudden death!
 - New Victory Animations have been added
 - Hitstun canceling has been improved!  Prior to this version, hitstun canceling would result in the normal 30 frames of invulnerability regardless of when the hitstun was canceled, delivering little value to the technique.  Now hitstun canceling adds the canceled time to the 30 frames, so upwards of 55 frames of invulnerability can be achieved on a normal hit (since you cannot hitstun cancel until frame 5).
 - Up/down/left/right has been added to controller configs for controllers whose dpads weren't reading correctly. Pressing ESC during the up/down/left/right section skips ahead to the button configs for controllers without a dpad.
 - Practice Mode now starts up faster - no READY, no poses, no health fill
 - Page number added to stage select screen
 - When backing out while picking CPU color, it will deselect your color.  If picking your own color, it will cancel color selection and only deselect the CPU.  It no longer completely resets to picking your own character.
 - Credits screen has been added
 - Zip files has been cleaned up for easier access to the .exe
Balance Changes
 - Mega Man can now summon Rush and Eddie at the same time
 - Mega Man can now use TimeStopper in the air
 - Metal Man can now use homing attacks out of normal jump
 - Metal Man Conveyor EP spend 6 -> 3
 - Holding down now lays Bubble Lead on the ground, allowing it to squeeze into a sliding space
 - Bouncing Bubble now sticks to walls instead of dissipating
 - Quick Man max Quick Boomerangs reduced 4 -> 3
 - Crash Man inflicts decreased invulnerability frames delivered on homing shot, leading to a combo into explosion
 - Decreased detonation timer on homing bombs
 - Flash Man can now use Gatling on ladders
 - Flash Man Gatling startup delay reduced 20 -> 10 frames
 - Flash Man TimeStopper EP reduced 14 -> 10
 - Flash Man double-jump speed reduced when used underwater
 - Wood Man Leaf Shield despawn timer reduced 2.5sec -> 2.0sec
 - Wood Man EP spend on Leaf Shower reduced 3/leaf -> 1/leaf
 - <secret character 1> can now shoot while sliding
 - <secret character 1> can now cancel his Hot Shield (the one that slows him down)
 - <secret character 1>'s Hot Shield now gives him super armor (no knockback)
 - <secret character 1> can now use Hot Shield while using Hot Aura.  Hot Aura is canceled when this occurs.
 - <secret character 2> now requires sliding into a Cold Block to bounce it
 - <
secret character 2>'s Cold Block now shatters on the fifth wall impact
 - Holding down now lays Cold Block on the ground, allowing it to squeeze into a sliding space
 - The time needed to hold down specials for salty runbacks has been shortened 1.5s -> 1.0s
 - Invulnerability flashing has been changed to every 2 frames instead of every other frame.  This enables characters to be seen in videos recorded at 30fps, as opposed to looking either invisible or solid.
 - Air Stage 2 now supports multiple stocks
Interface Enhancements
 - New music tracks for the main menu!  MM9 shop theme and MM10 menu join the party.
 - Pressing shoot on any menu now goes back a screen
 - Character and color choices are now remembered from the last selection when starting a new match
 - P2-P4 can now leave the character select screen by pressing Start
 - Greater likelihood (~20%) of landing MM1,MM3-6 character select themes (since additional characters are now available)
 - All players can now control menus
 - Pressing start while paused now unpauses rather than selects an option
 - Exit Game option in pause menu has been replaced by Change Controls
Bugs Fixed
 - Mega Man TimeStopper EP use corrected

 - Mega Man properly plays the sound when charging Atomic Fire
 - Quick Man no longer has a long wavedash when in slow-mo mode
 - FlashTimeStopper timers are fixed for P2-P4
 - Salty runback on WM2 no longer softlocks the game
 - Salty runback has been removed when you win against a boss.
 - Deflections now freeze when the game is paused
 - Improved scrolling code implemented for better stability
 - Improved platforming code implemented for better stability on jumpthrough stages like Wood 2
 - Characters no longer bounce when a rising platform stops moving
 - Head icons now display properly on Boss stage select screen
 - Pressing random while viewing tips now only clears the tips screen
 - Softlock character bug fixed (when player would slide right after throwing a projectile)
 - Posing during an active time stopper no longer locks your character
 - Proper music now plays when Alien resurrects on Wily 3 with Battle Music enabled.
 - Disabling pause now only affects vs mode.  Practice/CPU/Score modes will still allow pausing.

 - Many minor graphical issues have been corrected


Bugs fixed 
- Squad Mode no longer crashes if the winning player is dead when their opponent dies

- Metal Man's cone spray attack now works properly for P3 and P4


Bugs fixed 
 - Squad Mode no longer auto-joins P3 when joining with P2

 - Players no longer enter into perpetual 1-frame falling states while riding Rush through a jumpthrough platform (like on Wood 2)
 - Players no longer hover while walking on top of Rush (i.e. spawning Rush over a gap/pit and walking straight into him rather than jumping onto him)
 - Keyboard slide button now saves properly
 - Enemy explosions are no longer affected by Time Stopper
 - Alien shot now behaves properly during pause
 - Pressing down while standing on top of a ladder no longer snaps characters to the ladder
 - Practice-mode CPU no longer rapidly turns around while P1 is standing directly on top of it
 - Fixed a bug where matches would end in a draw if the losing player lost his/her last stock while the winning player was waiting to respawn
 - High jumps now end when grabbing a ladder (preventing unexpected behavior)
 - Wily Machine 2 and Alien projectiles are now properly affected by TimeStopper
 - Flash Man and <secret character 2> now walk properly on ice (moonwalking effect removed)
 - While holding back on the character select screen by one player, other players can no longer cancel the countdown by releasing their shoot button
 - Boss clock now properly maxes out
 - Fixed a bug where Heat Man could be hit during Heat Barrage, which would permanently lock him in the Heat Barrage animation
 - On autoscrolling stages, Heat Man's heat barrage no longer pushes Heatman backward after it ends


 - Squad Mode has been added! Pick a squad of 2-9 characters that alternate between stocks. Build the best squad and go for the win!
 - Menu has been rearranged slightly. Arena/Teams/Squad are now behind the Versus option, and stock count can be changed in this menu as well. Boss Mode now goes straight to character select, where other players can join.
 - Menu controls been enhanced to allow for using left/right to change options
 - Player count has been removed from the options. Players can now join in dynamically, in any order, at any character select screen
 - Players can now grab ladders by pressing down
Bugs fixed 

 - Metal Man is (once again) no longer affected by conveyor belts
 - Metal Man is no longer affected by ice if he places a conveyor belt on top of ice
 - P2 controls are no longer active in Practice Mode unless Player Control is selected
 - Wily Boss (Arena Mode) no longer crashes when selected
 - Leaf Shield no longer creates phantom reflections after getting reflected, itself
 - Slide button can now be remapped on controllers - Mega Man can now use <secret character 2>'s stolen weapon while in the air
 - Smoothed out ladder getup animation (no longer one frame of jump sprite)
 - Getting hit while posing now properly resets the pose timer
 - Pressing Start to select P2 in practice mode no longer deselects P1


 - New platform code added via Mega Engine 1.7 to improve stability around collisions
 - RushJet no longer locks players in the jump animation when passing through them on moving stages
 - A slide button has been added!  This can be configured in the controls menu
 - Teammates can now steal stocks if there are stocks available to share! Hold Jump+Shoot to steal a stock.
 - Salty runbacks now save statistics
 - You can now pose while wavedashing (momentum will persist)
Balance Changes
 - P1/P2 starting positions balanced on Crash 1, Wood 2, Air 1
 - Visibility slightly improved on Air Boss
Bugs fixed 

 - The game now properly saves character colors when setting records in Boss Mode.
 - Boss Mode Alien record times are now reporting correctly
 - Mega Man can now use <secret character 1>'s stolen power while in the air
 - P4 pause menu color has been corrected
 - Crash Bomb no longer racks up 100s of damage when hitting enemies like Met and Big Fish
 - RushJet now disappears when the match is over to prevent glitches with teleporting out while riding on him
 - Quitting during phase 2 of a boss as Crash Man no longer crashes the game
 - Better collision detection for spikes on moving stages (sometimes the player would survive touching a spike)
 - Players can now wavedash while facing up against a wall
 - The Alien no longer has a hurtbox while dying on Wily Boss Stage (Arena Mode)


 - Stock count has been added to Arena Mode! Change stock count in the options menu. If the original MMA experience is desired, simply set the stock count to 1
   - For right now, stock count is set to 1 on Air Stage 2 due to difficulty in spawning on a moving stage.  This may be remedied in the future
 - Salty Runbacks have been added! Hold S1+S2 after a winner is decided to quickly restart the match
   - Note that statistics will not be recorded if this is done
 - Players can now join the character select screen dynamically.  Press start, jump, or shoot with a controller to join your friends!
 - Flash Stage 2 has been modified to allow players to ascend on the right side of the stage.
 - Practice Mode now respawns players and CPUs when they die
 - 4X screen size option has been added
 - Keyboard controls now stay active on the main menu when a gamepad is attached (in case gamepad controls are messed up)
 - Start/Pause is now part of the controller reconfiguration
 - Version number added on victory screen for Boss Mode (for speedrunning validation)
 - Air Stage 3 (boss room) has been modified for more fun
Balance Changes
 - There is now a 3EP penalty for first landing on Rush Jet. This prevents stalling tactics by using continuous jumps to make Rush Jet last nearly forever
 - <secret character 1> Walking speed boosted to .95px/sec (was .9px/sec)
Bugs fixed
 - Stats are no longer incremented when in Practice Mode
 - If game is paused on last frame of healthbar filling, the energy fill sfx no longer plays forever
 - Heatman charge sound now stops if charge is released while sliding
 - Bouncing Bubble is now properly affected by moving stages
 - Throwing a block on frame 1 of a match with <secret character 2> no longer crashes the game



 - Title screen now loops back to the intro sequence
Bugs Fixed
 - Alien was only affected by TimeStopper one time
 - Alien attack pattern fixed, would sometimes shoot at the wrong times
 - Eddie items can now be grabbed by other players after 20 frames (was 100 frames)
 - WM2 debris would sometimes not stop (especially if WM2 was eating a Crash Bomb when health hit 100)
 - Typo fixed in tips
 - <secret character 1> Move List has been corrected
 - <secret character 2> Can now defeat bosses without crashing the game
 - Player can now press ESC to quit controller config mid-config
    - This helps when a controller is attached to the PC but the user can't find it... haha
 - Select/Back is now part of the controller reconfiguration
 - In Wily Machine 2, pausing after entering the transporter would softlock the game
 - Heat Man transporting while starting heat barrage would turn him into a permanent heat barrage
 - Intro animation has been sped up (extra sped up in Boss Mode)
 - Collision detection on Heat Barrage has been improved.
 - Pausing on certain boss frames would cause erratic behavior
 - Reflected Crash Bombs would sometimes create explosions at the location they were reflected



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