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What the whole game is all about, robot masters going toe-to-toe, be it 1v1 or in a free for all. Any character, any stage, any ruleset. You can also play teams matches, go for a fair 2v2 or a 1v3 test of skill. Or maybe play a squads match, where every stock is a different playable character. Whether you enjoy some casual 4 player fun, or you're here for 4 stocks, hazards off, Crash Man Boss Room only competitive rumbling, there's something here for everyone. This is what you're playing for, right?


If weak little robot masters aren't enough of a challenge for you, get a load of these big bad bosses. Race against the clock to defeat these extra tough foes in the fastest time possible. There's a whole rogues' gallery of opponents here, from the iconic, flame spewing Mecha Dragon, to the aquatic horde created by the Kamegoro Maker, these foes pose a serious threat. A few in particular have been given a little extra power, Wily's done playing around it seems.

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Score: Face a unique set of opponents one after another in an attempt to get the highest score possible, how high can you reach?

Survival: Waves upon waves of weak robot masters, can you survive the horde?

Boobeam Dungeon: The Boobeam Trap is back and longer than ever. How far can you go without spending any weapon energy?

Enemy Elevator: Rise into the stars, as waves of classic enemies try to take you down on your way up the orbital elevator.

All-Star: Round by round, fight your way through the entire cast, this may just be the toughest challenge in the game, are you up for it?

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