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How To Play

The Basics


Standard gameplay is straight out of classic Mega Man games. Run, jump, shoot, climb ladders, and slide past opponents. Characters can even taunt! That said, MMA brings much more to the table.

Each character now has access to two special moves (S1 and S2). These are unique attacks that cost Energy Points (EP) to use. Specials cannot be used without enough EP, but the EP bar recharges over time. Every character has unique abilities and properties - be sure to read the in-game move lists to discover your character's full potential!

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ess too.gif

Advanced techniques

No fighting game is complete without a few tricks that can differentiate the pros from the newcomers. Be sure to master these techniques to become an MMA master!

Slide Invulnerability: During the first 10 frames of a slide, a character's outline will glow a faint gray, indicating the character is invincible to any attack. Timed correctly, players can slide right through oncoming projectiles!

slide invlunlunl.gif

Wavedash: During the first 10 frames of a slide, pressing the opposite direction will initiate a backward slide. Attacking and even taunting are available during a wavedash, making it a useful option for backing away when an opponent gets too close. You can even jump backwards.

Hitstun Cancel: Press jump in the 10 frames before the first 5 frames of hitstun (complex, but worth it!) to cancel all further hitstun, allowing for fast counterattacks. Successful cancels are indicated by a subtle green or blue sweat effect, depending on the timing. Yet you can't simply mash jump, you gotta practice the timing.

hmtstum cans.gif

Combos: Certain moves can connect while an opponent is in hitstun. Such combos are indicated by an orange visual effect, and they allow for stacking damage after an initial hit. Check the in-game movelist to find moves that combo - these are designated by a green dot next to the attack name!

Slide Buffering: Holding your slide input while in a state where you can't slide will allow you to slide immediately once you're able to. This can greatly reduce your vulnerability when you land and can improve your ability to take advantage of slide invulnerability.

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