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Cool man

By Srk4r4velho




Normal Shot: Cool Shot: Similar to Mega Man, Cool can shoot 3 bullets that do 2DMG, as well as being able to charge it for a larger projectile that deals 4DMG. Pressing Down+NS will shoot out a Freezing Shot, being in a different blue tone ,which freezes your opponent in place for a bit upon hit.


Special 1: Cool Block: Summons an ice block that falls and slides across the ground and bounces on walls, dealing 3DMG on contact and 4DMG if Cool Man slides into it, which adds more speed to the block. It can also deflect various projectiles which gives him a great cover while sliding. The block's summon position can be altered using the S1+Down input, making the ice block spawn beside Cool Man instead of sliding away.


Special 2: Cool Icicle: A ceiling move which creates various icicles at random locations, raining down after a while, dealing 3DMG and penetrating through characters as it falls. The icicles are a great combo tool, as well as a major counter to opponents who are at a different ground level.


Extra: Cool Man's wavedash its faster and covers more distance than other characters




Cool Man is a crazy fast character, being able to quickly take down foes with his NS+Special combos. His Down+NS can surprise enemies or even stop deadly attacks, serving as both defense and offense. S1 can defend quite well against big and powerful projectiles, as well as being a constant ground-hazard once its "kicked" by Cool Man, bouncing onto walls and shielding its back. As stated, S2 can be a major play against characters that have more advantage in the air, such as High Jumpers or even Gravity-Flipped characters, making it basically a "ceiling-mine"

Unfortunately, Cool Man suffers from a fatal flaw. That is non-flat or big open stages, since we cannot utilize his specials properly, either completely missing his S2 or making S1 slide off-screen, thus making him only rely on his NS to deal major damage. Characters that can either deflect or reflect are also a threat, since both specials can easily be countered.

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