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Proto Man

A Proto.png

Like a mirror, this frail fighter has the means to deflect any on coming projectile using his signature Proto Shield. Proto Man brings with him both a Coil and Jet for movement, as well as the robotic cat Tango for support in battle.

Mega Man

B Mega.png

The Blue Bomber himself! Mega Man comes equipped with his signature Variable Weapon System, allowing him to steal the weapons of his opponents mid-battle to give them a taste of their own medicine. Mega Man brings the ever-faithful Rush and his walking suitcase Eddie to aid him in the heat of battle.



Roll leaps boldly into battle with little more than bravery and a broom! She is escorted by the loyal Beat, who extends combos and even rescues Roll from pits. With her Ruby-Spears-inspired vacuum buster, Roll is a powerful force on the battlefield - Mega Man had better not leave her behind on his next adventure!



Dr. Wily's counter to Light's Mega Man, Bass is a versatile fighter who excels both on the ground and in the air. His fast bullets in 7 directions allow for quick coverage. If an opponent is close, make sure to send them packing with a kick. His trusty wolf companion, Treble, aids him in the fight too. With Treble Boost, take to the skies and rain lasers from above. With options all across the board, Bass is truly one of Dr. Wily's greatest inventions, even despite his rebellious streak.

Cut Man

Cut Man.png

Cut Man may not be as sharp-witted as his iconic Rolling Cutter, but that doesn't stop him from being a fearsome foe. Using his scissors in unique ways, Cut Man has many methods to cut his opponents down to size, whether it be slicing opponents up close, or setting traps by jamming cutters into the ground.

Ice Man

While he may be the most reserved of the light numbers, this is one Robot Master that you won’t want to mess with. Being an ice-based Robot Master, Ice man can freeze his opponents with his signature ice slasher. But, he has another trick up his sleeve. Ice Man can also unleash a homing icicle that automatically locks onto the nearest opponent! Many fearsome battles may wait in the arena, but as they always say… Fight tooth and hail! …Wait a minute.


Metal Man

Based off Cut Man's design, Dr. Wily's first original robot master is a terribly fearsome opponent. Packing plenty of razor sharp Metal Blades, he can strike foes from 8 different directions, even firing two at once. And if that wasn't enough, he can transform whatever platform he stands on into a conveyor belt.


Air Man

The undefeatable Air Man barrels his way into battle! This bulky behemoth can't slide, but he's packing extra defense thanks to his large frame. Air Man uses the powerful fan equipped on his torso to create tornadoes and send them flying at opponents. He can shoot tornadoes that travel along the ground, rise up into the sky, or bunch them up in a cluster.


Bubble Man

Although not as outwardly fearsome as his fellow Wily Numbers, Bubble Man is not a foe to underestimate. With his high damage, ground-crawling Bubble Lead and his projectile-deflecting Bouncing Bubble, he can put opponents in tricky situations where damage can be inevitable.


Quick Man


This lightweight fighter certainly lives up to his name, having the highest movement speed in the game. However, his high speed comes at the cost of a decreased defense. Don't take Quick Man lightly though, his boomerangs may be short ranged, but he has no problem getting up close. And when the speed becomes too much, Quick Man can slow himself down at the cost of draining his weapon energy.

Crash Man

H Crash.png

Armed with powerful explosives, Crash Man is a burst-damage dealer. Stick a Crash Bomb on someone and watch with delight as they accept their fate, or stick it to a surface to create traps and block paths. Use his Remote Bombs to precisely time your explosions, or set traps for stage control. And don't forget his High Jump and sneaky Homing Bomber! Crash Man is an agile fighter with a powerful arsenal.

Flash Man

I Flash.png

Flash Man can be a tricky opponent. This time-freezing foe can stop time at will, free to do whatever he so pleases while his opponents can only wait for him to execute his dastardly plan. Fearsome Time Stopper aside, Flash Man still has another ability to pack a punch with: he can unleash a whole gatling flurry of bullets all at once, and he can even use this ability to fire himself skyward as a double jump!

Heat Man


This hot-headed fighter is sure to heat up the arena. Packing a powerful charge shot, an invincible flying Heat Barrage, and a volley of flame pillars, Heat Man won't rest until his opponents are reduced to ash. Heat Man doesn't typically rank among the strongest of Wily's numbers, but that won't stop him from claiming victory in the arena!

Wood Man

Another bulky heavyweight, this very nice fighter proves that defense is the best offense by boasting not only increased armor, but also his signature Leaf Shield to boot. Wood Man delights in protecting himself with leaf shield while flinging razor-sharp leaves that rain from above, but jumping on top of opponents with leaf shield is never a bad idea, either.


Needle Man

Needle Man is a brilliant combination of Air Man's body structure and Metal Man's attack and agility. This spiked menace can rapidly fire his Needle Cannon to sweep away opponents, but he can also pull opponents closer by grabbing them with his head spikes. Throw in a high jump and a ground pound to boot and you've got a tough-as-needles fighter.


Magnet Man

Pulling no punches, Magnet Man is equipped with two different types of Magnet Missiles, plus an agile high jump.  Just when his opponents start dodging his attacks, Magnet Man busts out the ace up his sleeve: using his magnetic powers, he can push and pull opponents as he pleases, deflecting incoming attacks while doing so. Don't mess with this magnetic menace!


Gemini Man

It's double trouble, Gemini Man! This fighter is both dastardly and duplicitous. He can create a clone of himself that either mirrors his every move, or follows him with a delay. As if that were a small task to handle, he also uses the tricky Gemini Laser, a thin blue laser that goes bouncing off everything it hits. With boosted speed and damage when equipped with a clone, this multiplying maniac is not one to tango with.


Hard Man

O Hard.png

This goliath of a robot is hard to take down. Sporting the thickest armor in the game, it takes a heavy effort to topple this towering fighter, but his bulk comes at the cost of speed, as Hard Man is the slowest fighter in the game. However that doesn't stop him from using his powerful legs to make leaps and bounds across the stage. Hard Man's fists really pack a punch, being able to powerfully uppercut opponents, as well as being able to grapple his victims and viciously hurl them across the stage.

Top Man

P Top.png

Ah yes, the deadliest weapon ever invented by man: the spinning top! Don't let Top Man's childish ability fool you, however, as this robot master is just as cunning as the rest. His tops are powerful enough to intercept projectiles, and they're versatile enough to be used as traps or fired in a volley that homes in on opponents. On top of this, his roller skates allow to him to spin his whole body at high speed, becoming invincible as he deflects attacks with ease. What a deceptively devious opponent!

Snake Man

Q Snake.png

This robot master is quite the vicious predator, leveraging status effects as his weapon of choice. Slow down foes with a Search Python, weaken their defenses with a Search Viper, drain their weapon energy with a Search Mamba, catch them off guard with a Glider, and rack up damage with Search Snakes. Finally, finish them off with the deadly Snake Bite!

Spark Man

R Spark.png

This shocking fighter will leave you ecstatic, watch as his sparkling abilities electrify the battlefield. Okay, our puns may be lackluster, but rest assured that Spark Man is not. His standard shot fires slow projectiles in 8 directions, he can charge up a pulsating ball of lightning, and his moves can paralyze opponents.  All his moves cost weapon energy, however, causing him to run out quickly. Yet Spark Man has the unique ability to manually recharge his energy, creating a very unique play-style!

Shadow Man

A mysterious robot built by an extra-terrestrial race that Wily found in ancient ruins. Shadow Man is all about sneaking around with his advanced movement and striking up-close with his short-ranged Shadow Blade. With high jumps, wall jumps, fast slides and fast falls, Shadow Man has no problem getting where he needs to be as fast as possible. And with a high-powered, close-ranged Assassinate ability, he can strike down foes faster than a ninja disappearing with a smoke bomb.


Doc Robot K-176

The fearsome, terrifyingly intimidating Doc Robot is... in reality, not much more than an empty shell, but this empty shell has been filled to the brim with recycled weaponry. Being able to freely switch through different combinations of the MM2 Robot Master's powers, Doc Robot can have many unique play-styles.  Equip Bubble Lead and Flash Stopper, or choose Metal Blades, Leaf Shield and a High Jump.  Or even Quick Boomerangs, Heat Barrage, and Air Shooter - choose the perfect combo for the scenario!

T Doc_edited.png

Pharaoh Man

A creation of the brilliant Russian roboticist Dr. Cossack. Pharaoh Man was originally built to explore ancient ruins, but, while being blackmailed by Wily, Cossack modified him to have incredible solar energy powers and advanced combat capability. In Mega Man Arena, Pharaoh Man has doubled speed while jumping, allowing for evasive maneuvering. He can charge up his powerful Pharaoh Shot and even fire off a brutal Pharaoh Wave! Be careful, or this fighter will be sure to put you in a tomb.


Skull Man

Skull Man, a deadly war machine designed as a collaborative effort by Dr. Wily and Dr. Cossack in an attempt at world domination, being a robot built for combat he excels at defensive play, keeping his position maintained and stalling to chip away his opponent's health. While not having a super offensive arsenal, he can be a tough opponent with his shields, reflects, and combos. Being able to adapt to any circumstance at any time makes him a formidable and aggressive fighter in the right hands. Survive his wrath or get dunked on.


Gravity Man


Up is down and down is up, you won't know what way you're headed when up against this foe. While not too offensively orientated, he can disorient opponents in a flash with his powerful Gravity Hold, sending them flying up or crashing down. When things are a little too close for comfort, he can use his bulky frame to his advantage, and knock opponents away with his beefy shoulder bash. He can even manipulate the trajectory of his buster shots using Gravity Hold. Master this fighter to turn battles on their head and in your favour.

Charge Man


This big ol' train robot was designed with the sole purpose of... well, looking like a train, but that doesn't mean Charge Man is lacking in offense. This tall, bulky fellow can shoot three flaming-hot coals out of his chimney/smokestack that rain down from above, and he can even shoot meteor-sized coals. These attacks are completely vertical, which gives him a rather unique play-style. On top of this he can charge forward at opponents at high speed. Like the other bigger fighters, he can't slide, but he can dash forward. Some of his alternate colors contain fun references, too.

Flame Man


As the Saudi Arabian representative in the first annual Robot Master Tournament, Flame Man’s flames will burn as brightly as his fighting spirit! Flame Man’s signature weapon, the Flame Blast, excels at ground control and can be used to trap opponents in between flames. After cornering the opponent, Flame Man can then unleash his Flame Burst, where he slams down onto the ground and then unleashes a fiery cyclone! Set the battle field ablaze with Flame Man’s fiery arsenal! But, just don’t accidentally light the oil.

Tomahawk Man


The American entrant for the first Robot Master Tournament, Tomahawk Man excels at close-up melee combat. Naturally, in a game all about projectiles, being a melee fighter can be troublesome, but with increased speed and hard-hitting combos, Tomahawk Man more than makes up for this seeming disadvantage. In case he can't close the gap, his Silver Tomahawk and feather throw give him ranged options, but both are costly when it comes to weapon energy. Can this proud warrior do his nation justice?

Freeze Man

Once an advanced machine built to create a new form of energy, he was granted combat capabilities and a cool-dude-attitude by Dr. Wily. Taking advantage of the arena's terrain, Freeze can rain icicles from the ceiling or coat the floor in ice. His signature Freeze Cracker also splits into shards upon hitting the ground. All of this on top of good mobility, Freeze can be a chilling foe in the right conditions.


Sword Man

Following orders, Sword has the power to split his foes and himself in two in one fell swoop. His signature Flame Sword packs a punch with its two-hit combo. Although don't think you're safe from this melee fighter at range, with his Spin Slash and dash attack he can close the distance in no time. His most dangerous ability, the Inferno, summons a giant pillar of flame that rises upwards, dealing massive damage and deflecting projectiles. He may be an honourable warrior, but don't assume it'll be an easy fight, nothing personal of course.


This fish may be out of water but she's made no sacrifices. Splash maneuvers around the stage riding on her spout, with movement super unique amongst the roster. Her powerful Laser Trident can pierce through any defenses, and her sweet songs can summon fierce fish to assault your opponents. That trident isn't just a fancy-looking laser gun either,  with powerful swipes and thrusts, it makes for a handy melee weapon too. Just make sure to get her good side when you win.

Splash Woman


Magma Man

A member of Dr. Light's 2nd set of robot masters stolen by Dr. Wily. This walking volcano will melt through the opposition with his signature Magma Bazooka. When Ignited, his agility increases greatly, allowing him to perform higher jumps to close in on opponents faster, not to mention all of his moves get a power boost too. This force of nature is certainly one to be reckoned with, be careful to not let him blow his top.


Sheep Man


The storm approaching, Sheep Man strikes down from above. Use Thunder Wool to wall off opponents and camp them out, transform into a cloud yourself to escape damage and rain lightning from above. Build up enough static charge and power up Sheep's shots and slide. This woolly warrior certainly stands out amongst the flock. I wonder what he dreams of.



A member of the fearsome Stardroids, Pluto's a high speed technical fighter, who can confound opponents with his blinding agility. His Comet attack is invincible and his Break Dash can deflect projectiles. He's mean at range too as he clings to walls and rains homing missiles. If your reflexes are light-speed enough to match Pluto himself, consider yourself invincible .This ferocious feline is every bit as stellar as his galactic comrades.

Hot Man

X Hot.png

Hot Man is an original character created and designed by Kishark, one of KishSquared's kids. Hot Man is a fire-based Robot Master (duh) who comes equipped with a flame gun attached to the top of his hand. He can summon an aura of fire around him with two different intensities, the first dealing weaker damage and the second hitting harder while decreasing his speed. Despite his size, Hot is one of the slowest fighters in the game, but hey, at least he can shoot while sliding.

Cool Man

Y Cool.png

Cool Man is an original character created and designed by GoldenKish, also one of KishSquared's kids. The polar opposite of Hot Man, Cool is an ice-themed robot master that excels at range. He can shoot energized ice crystals from the palms of his hands and, when charged, can even fire ice sculptures that look just like himself. He can summon an ice block to kick around and icicles that fall from the top of the screen. Cool Man and the other original fighters are hidden away in the game, locked behind an iconic classic cheat code!

Met Man

Met Man is an original character created by Jax (victory animation animator and MMA Discord mod). A team of Mets who entered the 2nd Robot Master Tournament in the hopes of getting enough money to take down both Mega Man and Wily. The top Met can fire a 3-way spread shot and toss pickaxes, the bottom Met can fire a fast low shot to catch enemies off guard. They can even call in other Mets for support mid-battle. The Met Train patrols platforms, charging into anyone in its path, while the Heli Met hovers in place, acting as an aerial sentry. Met Man can even duck into his helmet(s) to stay safe! This team of lackeys is a master of stage control, and his hard exterior grants him extra armor to help in the fight.

Z Met_edited.png


Tark is an original character created by Boberatu, the artist who made most of the playable Robot Master sprites used in MMA (check him out on DeviantArt!). A hot-blooded Texan boy that found an alien living armor called "Mab" and decided to use it to fight against criminals. Equipped with dual arm cannons, Tark can charge and fire two shots in succession.  He can also create slow but wide cross shots, and he boasts a dash that blocks oncoming projectiles. This red-hot speedy striker is dangerous to cross paths with!

ZZ Tark_edited.png

Katyusha is an original character created by Ne0maru, the artist who made the game's prologue. A creation of Kalinka Cossack, this adorable knight slices and dices with her sword and can block attacks with her shield. She can summon her trusty robotic steed, Gallop, to aid her in battle. She can even transform into a motorcycle to close distances. The wings on her helmet aren't just for show, either, as she can flutter them to slow her descent. This cute cutter is not to be underestimated!




Crossing time and space from the immensely (?) popular (?) Runics Series, Diamond uses her air shaping abilities to form swords and barriers as a true melee character. In fact, she's the first and only MMA character who cannot use ranged attacks! Leverage her agility to close the gap with opponents and maximize her combos!


Quake Woman


Though Quake Woman has never appeared in an official Mega Man game, she is considered by many to be a true canon character thanks to her compelling role in the Archie Comics series. Using her trusted Quake Drill to trip and bash through her enemies, Quake Woman is quite a force to be reckoned with. She has joyful and apathetic poses to reflect her story arc in the comics, so choose the alt that most appeals to you!

Rokko Chan


Rokko Chan is blazing a trail as the first true crossover character in MMA! Coming fresh off her battles with the evil Dr. Mad, Rokko Chan enters the arena equipped with the many weapons obtained from her opponents. Rokko's dash and jump height give her an edge over her adversaries - so get her weapons ready and show the Mega Man world what she's got!

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