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freeze man

By Anka (edited by Srk4r4velho)




Normal Shot: Freeze Cracker: Freeze man shoots a freeze cracker that deals 3 dmg and spreads for 2 dmg when it hits a wall. Freeze cracker's trajectory can be changed by pressing up or down.

Special 1: Icicles: Freeze man shoots a freeze cracker to sky (3 dmg)(4ep) and once it hits the ceiling, icicles will be created and start to fall (4 dmg), freezing the opponents that it hits. Icicles can break freeze wave made slippery floors.

Special 2: Long Jump: When pressed on the ground, Freeze high jumps and gains more air speed(2 ep)

Aerial S2: Freeze Wave: When in the air, Freeze shoots a freeze cracker to ground (that's right , 3 dmg)(5 ep) and when it hits the ground, 2 freeze waves (3 dmg) will slowly turn the floor slippery (look at Other) and freezes the opponents if they come on contact. Freeze wave is a combo move so if you send freeze wave above enemy, it both damages and freezes the enemy.

Other: Like other ice characters, freeze man has a longer wavedash. Freeze doesn't affect from slippery floors, furthermore, he gets 50% faster on ice (slide too) that makes freeze's slide invulnerability extremely useful.

Should be Mentioned Combo: Freeze wave goes slower than his NS. If you stand in front of your opponent 1+ block away in a flat area, normal jump (don't hold) and S2, once landing, press normal shot. Your normal shot will hit before freeze wave, freeze wave will freeze the opponent, and you can either normal shot for 9dmg 5 ep combo or S2 above the frozen opponent for 12 dmg 10 ep combo. Its an easily escapable combo sometimes, and if you think your enemy will dodge, hold your jump more and normal shot higher for area control, but not for combo(if you're lucky, it can still combo); If you do this combo to a frozen opponent from icicles, it becomes 13 dmg 9 ep combo or 16dmg 14 ep combo, also repairing the slippery floors broken by the icicles.




Freeze man's faster movement in slippery floors gives him a good mobility and longer slide invulnerability while also saving 2 ep from high jumps in a flat stage. Freeze can do massive damages in a flat area with his combos or can do damage to multiple targets in 2+ player matches with icicles.

With his huge power on flat stages, Freeze loses some of it in non-flat stages; The speed buff from slippery floors changes too, with the 2 ep high jump and freeze's combos being harder to execute; His normal shots can be stopped by the stage's geometry, so you better be ready for non-flat stages; Freeze's best defense comes from his speed, and if he loses it, freeze can get trouble; Most of freeze' attacks are single projectiles, so you better be careful with shields and reflects, especially with your S1 (4 ep) and S2(5 ep).

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