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By Jose_MV86




Normal shot: Atomic Fire: Heat Man's normal shot is his trademark Atomic Fire, which can be used either to fire small, uncharged shots which deal 2 damage points each or to charge your shot (done by holding down the button, like with most charge attacks) to fire a huge fireball, dealing 5 damage to anyone you hit. You might also decide to charge the shot more quickly to simply expand its hitbox and slightly rise the damage you deal up to 3 damage points. Atomic Fire will travel at an average speed independently of how much you've charged it.

Special 1: Heat Barrage: Heat Man engulfs himself in fire and propels himself directly towards the direction he's facing, ignoring all kinds of attacks until he stops. You are invincible while you are surrounded by your own fire (both during the charge and while you are performing the move), and you can charge your barrage during the move's startup to control the distance you'll travel. If you are charging Atomic Fire, you can use this move while airborne, exchanging your charge for an instant Heat Barrage. This move deals 3 damage on the startup and 8 while propelling yourself, and it uses 10 energy points.

Special 2: Heat Pillar: Heat Man fires three small fire sparkles, which become fire pillars once they hit either the ground or a wall. Those pillars deal 2 damage points to any opponent that steps on them, and they stay active for a small ammount of time - enough for your opponent to touch the pillars twice. This move uses 4 energy points, and you can use it twice in a row if you want to fire even more pillars - but keep in mind that their damage won't stack.




Heat Man is an amazing screen filler with two main methods of keeping his opponents at bay - you can combine firing Heat Pillars to cover the stage with either charging or spamming Atomic Fire to surround your opponent in hard-to-avoid traps, which makes characters with bad mobility almost defenseless against him.


Moreover, you might not only use your Heat Barrage to become invincible (hence avoiding any possible attack), but also to escape from your opponent and even to attack them when they least expect it. As if this wasn't enough, his Heat Pillars' fire sparkles are a superb tool to attack any opponent that has the high ground, effectively nullifying any high ground advantage.


Finally, you can also mix both specials to trap your opponent and attack him up-close if you feel confident enough to do so, as you will easily escape your opponent's punishments.

Given that his only way to escape his opponents uses 10 energy points each time that it is executed, Heat Man's mobility greatly decreases once his energy points are lower than 10, which means that you'll have to be careful to not leave yourself in a bad situation when you use your specials, as close-up opponents can easily exploit this weakness.


Furthermore, Heat Man lacks abilities to hurt opponents that are directly under him, so your abilities to control the stage are crucial to not let those opponents get the upper hand. Last but not least, all of his specials rely on high EP consumption, so he becomes easy to predict once he has less than 4 EP.

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