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pharaoh man

By Snake Man




Normal shot: Pharaoh Shot: Your best tool to fight at long distance, dealing a good 2 damage and being able to have 2 on the screen lets you force your opponent into taking one of the two shots if you use them correctly. 

Down Normal Shot: Pharaoh punch: A short ranged attack that can combo with any previous attack adding extra damage, dealing 3 Damage and long hitstun. It's a very good option to escape from your opponent or force them into ranged combat. 


Special 1: Charge Shot: A good option for both close, mid, and ranged combat, this is gonna be your primary damage source as a big shot that deals 2/4Dmg depending on the charge and costs 4 EP. A good way to use this can be to jump in front of your enemy and slide past them to hit them while you have it in your hand. If thrown, the charge shot can be angled up or down, the pharaoh shot will deal +1 Dmg letting you deal up to 5 damage in one hit. 


Special 2: Pharaoh Wave: A big wave that covers 2 tiles and travels very fast, deals 6 damage and costs 4 EP. It gives you super armour and increased defense while charging, it can also pierce through shields such as the Proto Shield or Bubble Man's bubbles so make sure to use that to your advantage. Even if it's very strong it comes with the risk of having to charge it for 2 seconds while also staying in place, however, its start up can be cancelled. It's very predictable and not so hard to dodge so make sure not to use it too much, its best point is to force enemies to jump.

Aerial Special 2: Homing Shot: A fast projectile that will home in on the closest target, throwing 3 shots at once. Each shot deals 2 damage and the move costs 3 EP. Its fast speed and short start makes it a good option to get close to your enemy and even attack foes above or below you. If you land in front of an enemy make sure to follow with the pharaoh punch. 


Extra: Jump: Pharaoh Man's jump might look like a normal jump from the outside, but it actually grants you a speed boost that doubles your speed while in the air after jumping. This speed allows you to easily position yourself in the battle, approach and escape the enemy, dodge long projectiles, and it even reaches more distance than a slide. 




Pharaoh man's high aerial speed is a great option to dodge, escape and get close. He comes equipped with an arsenal of projectiles that can be really tricky to dodge, projectiles that deal a considerable amount of damage, can pierce through anything and even tank some damage thanks to the pharaoh wave charge.

Due to being so predictable, the pharaoh wave is most likely not gonna hit very often, his lack of a high jump makes impossible to dodge some attacks so your best option there is to resist it with the pharaoh wave.

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