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quick man

By Srk4r4velho




Normal Shot:  Quick Boomerang: A very fast and powerful projectile that shoots forwards and goes back in the very place were it was shot, having quite a good range and moving in an arc.

Special 1: Homing Boomerang: Shoots out 3 projectiles in the extremeness of the screen, standing there for a while before quickly homing into the nearest opponent; Those boomerangs only do 1 DMG, but they can be throwed into any of the 4 directions and dont dissapear upon hit.

Special 2: Speed Control*: Formally named move, pressing S2 makes QuickMan speed up and Down+S2 makes him slow down, draining Ep on the process; Once slowed down, he walks normally, but also blocks various projectiles on the front.




Quick Man is a very fast moving character, with a strong and rapid NS along with his general speed that allows him to approach his opponent for damage and retrieving back. His S1 can be used to stop enemy attacks from almost any direction with the homing effect, counting the fact it is very fast and stays after hitting. His S2 its his best tool, since it allows Quick to block various projectiles and guarantee his survival while slowly approaching opponents.

Being a glass-canon, Quick Man can easily die with combos and big-damaging projectiles, and basically anything that either makes you slow down or stop completely its deadly, so you must always stay with your guard up; Since his S1 does only 1 DMG and its very predictable, it can become quite a waste of EP, specially against other fast moving characters or super-armor moves; S2 is great, but doesn't fully protect you from all sides, shielding only the front.

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