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Sword man

By Bartolomeo




Normal Shot: Flame Sword: Sword man swings his mighty sword in front of him, you can attack again to perform a second swing that can combo into the first one. The recovery time for this attack is a lot but you can always jump to cancel it sooner. Using it in mid-air will make the hitbox smaller but it's a great tool to keep track of your opponents and damage them while they are airborne. each swing deal 3 damage.

Special 1: Spin Slash: Sword man detaches his torso from his legs and starts spinning his sword at high speeds, you can control his body like a funny remote control helicopter and even deflect shots! It is your most reliable tool if you want to play at longer ranges, but choose wisely when to use that attack because it costs 6 energy points ad deals only 3 damage

Special 2: Dash/Flame Slash: Sword man quickly dashes forward to gain speed and you can perform a dash jump as well, and you can cancel the recovery for your normal shot using it too. pressing the special 2 button again or holding it will perform a singular slash forward that will launch some flames even further. This move is sword's most important move, both for damage and mobility since it lets you jump at high speed and combo at the end of your normal shot for big damage. This move costs 2 ep (dash);deals 3 damage (slash);5 ep and 4 damage (flames)

Down + Special 2: Inferno: Sword man stabs the ground and summons a pillar of fire from the ground, you are invincible while your sword is on the ground and the fire pillar can deflect shots, but is has a considerable startup time. this move is great as a tool to make your opponent keep dodging or get them off careful when you use this move because it costs 11 ep but it deals 9 damage in exchange 

Passive: Extra guard: Whenever sword man is attacking on the ground he receives 20% less damage 




Sword can melt HP bars in seconds if used right and pressure the opponents with his defenses, try to be as close as possible to deal great damage and deflect all of the opponent's attacks, he is great against glass cannons, mid-range or even some close range characters but be sure to run away if necessary.


Sword man is the only character in the game without a long range attack, so if your opponent like to play at long ranges you'd better save a lot of energy points to deflect their attacks.
Sword's normal shot is also a bit slow compared to other melee attacks, so if your opponent has less hitstun that means you'll struggle trying to combo them, this is commonly something with close range characters, high amounts of damage is good but you should play safe when the situation asks you to do so.

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