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Wood man

K Wood.png

By Srk4r4velho



Normal Shot: Leaf Shot: A 3DMG projectile that moves back 'n forth while slowly descending until going out of screen; This projectile can be aimed slightly up or down, and its range can be altered using either left/right, covering more area than its normal state. Wood Man's NS runs in a 2 second timer after being shot, so don't waste it.

Special 1: Leaf Shield: Wood Man's signature weapon, which involves his body with a rotating shield of leaves, blocking any projectile that comes in contact for a short period of time; The shield can be thrown in 4 directions by pressing the S1 again.

Special 2: Leaf Shower: By holding the S2 button, Wood Man will quickly launch leaves upwards onto the ceiling, making them rain down one by one while having super-armor; Depending on the direction he's facing, the leaves will fall on the opposite way.

Other: On Wood Stage 1, having the hazards ON, WoodMan can ride the Atomic Chickens that spawn from time to time by pressing S2 near it. Once riding, WoodMan gets super-armor and contact damage, but cannot use his NS or other specials, needing to press S2 to dismount.




Wood Man is a great close-range character, being able to trap some characters with his falling leaves since they stay on screen for longer and don't disappear once hit; His S1 is a great and quick shield, blocking any upcoming projectile while also impending your opponent to approach with its big hitbox; S2 is very spammable, being able to cover center of the stage only for 4 EP, which lets him cover more ground while also creating a opportunity for him to approach.

Although Wood Man seems very powerful up-close, he struggles with real melees or long-ranged characters, since he's very slow and his NS doesn't move in a straight line, thus making him take damage while trying get into his effective range. His S1 is very EP consuming, so using it too much will quickly left you out of options, and his S2 also prevents him from moving upon use.

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