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Mecha Dragon


The gatekeeper of Wily Castle 2, Mecha Dragon is, as it's name implies, a giant mechanical dragon! After a thrilling chase sequence, this ferocious beast hovers in place, firing wave after wave of fireballs at you and your teammates. Wily must not want anyone getting into his fortress if this is lying in wait for trespassers!

Guts Dozer

A giant tank bearing resemblance to a certain robot master. The towering Guts Dozer is equipped with giant fists, an energy cannon on it's head, and a Met dispenser in his chest. Thankfully, Wily started to come up with more original designs as the years went on (for the most part).


Wily Machine 2

C WM2.png

Jumping into the action himself, Wily brings out his mighty Wily Machine 2. Its armor is impervious to attacks, with its only weak point being the glass dome encasing Wily's cockpit, making this target tricky to take down. The Machine's main form of offense is the energy cannon on the bottom of the machine, firing projectiles that curve in a downward arc.


Wait, Wily was an alien all along!? Oh wait, it's just a hologram, phew, but this is still one dangerous hologram! The Alien is projected from a drone that's remotely controlled by Wily, moving in a simple pattern that occasionally fires a homing bullet. Still, if you're expecting the same straightforward fight as the NES game, you're in for a treat.


Kamegoro Maker


The Kamegoro Maker is an interesting little machine that spawns robotic turtles named Kamegoros. This fight takes place largely underwater, with Kamegoros bouncing off the walls with their shells possibly hanging around as obstacles, not to mention the miniature whirlpools pushing everyone around. In MMA, the Kamegoro Maker has been given an extra final gambit, giving it an extra bit of danger not experienced in the NES game.

Yellow Devil MKII

The big bad blob from Mega Man's first bout is back with a vengeance. The Yellow Devil MKII sports a similar pattern to its first incarnation, splitting up into tiny chunks and flying from one side of the arena to another, all while firing rounds of homing shots in-between. However this vengeful villain brings with him a new bounce attack, so watch out!

F YD2.png

Wily Machine 3

G WM3.png

Wily is back with another Wily Machine, this time it takes the shape of (presumably) his favorite seafood dish. Despite this machine's infuriatingly slow speed, it's not one to underestimate. Its spiked legs deal serious damage, and it boasts three energy cannons. However, for his third castle, Wily has another ace up his sleeve.


And that ace is Gamma, a giant peace-keeping robot built in tandem by Dr. Light and Dr. Wily, but it was stolen by Wily for evil shenanigans. Fortunately, Gamma remains unfinished and so you don't have to face him at full power, but that doesn't mean he's a pushover. With giant crushing fists, high speed lasers, and a bit of MMA-exclusive flair, this goliath won't be keeping the peace anytime soon.

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