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Crash Man

By Maksxx

H Crash.png



Normal Shot: Crash Bomber: Crash man fires off 1 bomb that can stick to your opponent or a wall. Its possible to shoot another Crash bomber while the first one is exploding. It deals 4 damage.

Special 1: Remote Crash Bomber: Crash man shoots out a differently colored Crash Bomber that he can detonate at any time by the Special 1 button. Similar to his Normal Shot, Remote Crash Bomber can be shot a second time while the first one is exploding. It can also be aimed up or down. It costs 5 Energy points and deals 4 damage.

Special 2: High Jump + Homing Bomber: Crash man jumps very high at a low cost of 1 Energy Point. By pressing the Special 2 button in the air, Crash man shoots out a Homing Bomber that costs 6 energy points. It can hit in the air for 2 damage and attach itself onto the ground and explode for 4 damage. While holding down and pressing the Special 2 button, Crash man attaches a Crash Bomber to himself. It counts as a Normal Shot so when you use it, you can't shoot another one. It deals 4 damage and it costs 3 Energy points.

Other: All Crash Bombers can hit up to 2 times if your opponent doesn't run away from the explosion.




Crash man is large area damage dealer. Shooting the Bombers at walls can leave your opponent in a bad situation where they're guaranteed to take damage. Combining the normal Crash Bomber and the homing one is a good option to trap your opponent in a corner.

Most small stages are Crash Man's best stages. He can easily cover the arena with Crash Bombers which, on their own, can also cover a huge amount of space. Some stages without walls are also useful for Crash Man since he doesn't need to wait for the bomb to detonate, if you miss, it'll despawn itself.

Crash man really struggles against opponents who deflect projectiles. If one Crash Bomber is being reflected, Crash Man can't shoot another one until the first one is off screen.
Very open stages are Crash mans biggest weakness, he can't cover that much area with his attacks. He is also very easy to predict on those stages because how little options he has.

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