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Gemini man

N Gemini.png
N Gemini.png

By SoundwaveGH



NS: Gemini Shot: Standard buster shot, 2 max projectiles and hits for 1 damage, and the main source for damage.  A pretty self explanatory NS.


Special 1: Gemini Laser: The other damage option, much more situational dealing 3 damage.  The Gemini Laser can bounce off walls.  It also combos if hit allowing for a 4 damage 4 ep NS+S1 combo.  The real big damage from this move comes with it bouncing off walls, it will hit again if it bounces off a wall, being able to hit twice and deal a total of 6 damage.  By holding down when you use this move, instead of rebounding up the laser rebounds down, if your opponent is against a wall it will hit the opponent once, then rebound off the wall down, then rebound off the floor dealing a total of 9 damage.  This move isn't the best without a wall though, costing 4 ep and doing 3 damage as well as being very easy to avoid.


Special 2: Gemini Clone: This is thing that makes Gemini Man so unique, the clone cost 16 ep, more than half the gauge, leaving you with only 12 ep to use and spawns a clone with a completely different health bar, the clone can be mirrored by pressing S2 after spawning the clone.


clone gimmicks:

Speed Boost: Having a clone active will provide you with an 100% extra movement speed boost.

NS Damage improvements: the NS damage is increased from 1 to 2 and both clones shoot so making the max amount of shots 4.


Non-Mirrored delay: while walking around with non-mirrored clones, one will walk, shoot, and jump at at delay, using this allows you to hit a laser combo with 2 lasers, dealing double the damage of the original combo, at the most it can hit 18 damage. if a clone gets hit, it will desync the two making it harder to land the laser combo.


Mirrored Clone: when the clones are mirrored, they will walk, jump, shoot at the same time in the opposite direction.  This allows for unique clone setup and mixups against enemies as well as being super useful in free for alls.


High Jump Clone: when pressing down while spawning the clone the spawned clone will do a high jump in the air and spawn as mirror clone, this allows for the clone to jump over troublesome areas like a Met Man Choo-Choo or a Proto Man tango/shield.

Clone healing: after spawning in a clone, that clone will have more hp than Gemini Man himself, making it a "heal" essentially when you spawn a new clone at full health.


While being quite nimble and hard to hit, Gemini man can deal consistent damage and deal insane burst damage with his laser combo, he is very strong on walled stages.  Gemini Man is also very tough to kill against some characters with slower damage output as he can keep spawning new clones.

You can never count Gemini Man out of a match because he can erase a stock in a second if you are backed in a corner and it is very easy to push your opponents back to a corner.  He can constantly mix up his positioning to confuse the opponent with clone mirroring and combined with all the S2 tricks he has, Gemini can be a real menace.


While being very strong on closed in stages with walls and ceilings, he can really suffer on open stages like Doc Boss and Proto 2, removing the threatening aspect of losing most of your health with one mistake. He has a really hard time playing against piercing characters as those characters can hit both clones at once and render Gemini's main tool useless as it will die quickly.  He also has basically no attack options, only having shots that cover horizontally, and while those attacks do pack quite a punch there are no anti airs in his kit which is a big weakness that Gemini players have to work around.

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