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Hard Man

By Meatbomb




NS: Hard Punch: Hard Man's fastest move, it can't combo, but it can be used for an easy kill, it does 3 DMG, it can also deflect projectiles.

Down+NS: Hard Grapple: The Hard Grapple is a good combo move and it is also Hard Man's bread and butter, you can throw your opponents (and teammates) anywhere. You can also combo off of the grapple by using an uppercut.

Up+NS: Hard Uppercut: The Hard Uppercut is similar to the punch, but it has a slower start-up and it focuses on damaging the opponent, it can also deflect projectiles, but it’s less consistent then the punch and can be used as the finisher to the grapple-to-uppercut combo. You can also use the uppercut for a bit of movement with Hard.


Special 1: Hard Knuckle: The Hard Knuckle, Hard Man's signature move, it’s used to range out the opponent, it is also a great tool for trapping them. It also tracks onto the opponent and follows them three times, once from initial launch, then again, and then one final hit, it is also Hard Man's only projectile, it can also combo into the Hard Dive, but the timing is very specific. You can only use two at a time. It costs 4 EP.


Special 2: High Jump: The High Jump is a useful tool for evading enemy attacks, such as projectiles. It also gives Hard Man some serious height. It costs 2 EP.

Down+S2: Long Jump: The Long Jump is the distance based version of the High Jump, it is a good tool for reaching your opponents. It costs 3 EP.


S2 Air: Hard Dive: The Hard Dive is a risk-reward move, you can land it and deal 10 damage, or you can miss and your opponent can land some crazy damage on you. It's all on how you play. The Dive costs 6 EP.

Extra: Hard Man has the bulkiest armour in the game meaning that you take way more hits than any other character in the game, this makes Hard a constant threat for he is very difficult to take down. Though, at the price of armour, Hard is the slowest character in the game, he also cannot slide, though he does make up for this using the jumps.



Hard Grapple (Down NS) into Hard Uppercut (Up NS), this combo usually works if your opponent is thrown against a wall using the Grapple.

Hard Knuckle into Hard Dive (S2 While in the air), this combo has a very specific timing and is kinda difficult to land in the heat of battle, but if you do land it, it does some serious damage.


Hard Knuckle into Hard Uppercut (Up NS), this combo is usually used for closing the gap and getting into close range with your opponent.


Hard Knuckle into Hard Grapple (Down NS), this combo usually happens when your opponent is at low health and the throw takes them out, or you’re out of range to get the uppercut, nonetheless it is still a valuable combo.


Hard Knuckle into Hard Grapple (Down NS) into Hard Uppercut (Up NS), this combo is complex and pretty difficult to land, though it is doable. For the combo to work you need to be in close range and have a wall near you, so it’s decently specific.


Hard Man is a monster up close, he can shred other people's HP very quickly. If you can get someone into a corner they are at your mercy, if your opponent tries to escape from the corner you can just grab them again and throw them against the wall.


If anyone can outrange or outspeed Hard Man, it's a nightmare for him. Stages with platforms can be troublesome for Hard because he has to commit to either a dive or a knuckle to get to his opponent and deal damage to them. Give it your all with Hard Man!


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