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ice man





Normal Shot:  Ice Shot: Ice Man shoots out a shard of ice from his mouth that, while travels at a rather slow speed, can be used to set up traps thanks to its large hitbox. This also makes it a great tool to pressure the opponent. Ice Shot deals 3 damage and a maximum of 2 can be on screen at a time.

Special 1: Ice Slasher: While it may look just like the Ice Shot with a dark blue tint, this move has vastly different properties from it. First of all, it travels far faster than the Ice Shot. Secondly, behaving like the copy weapon Mega Man gets in Mega Man 1, it is able to freeze opponents in their tracks for a brief period of time. This can easily allow you to set up a combo and deal a good hit on the opponent. This move costs 4 energy points, deals 1 damage and a maximum of 2 can be on screen at a time.

Special 2: Ice Icicle: Ice Man unleashes a spinning icicle that will fire towards the opponent’s position upon another press of S2. Ice man can place a second icicle by pressing S2 + Down after the first icicle has already been spawned. The longevity of this move and the unpredictable nature of it makes it a really handy trapping and pressuring tool. In addition, this move can also be comboed off of Normal Shot. It is important to keep in mind that while in their stationary phase, if an icicle hits the opponent or an icicle has been on screen for 5 seconds, it will disappear.  Use this move wisely and strategically, as it doesn’t come for free! This move costs 4 energy points and deals 3 damage.

Other: Ice Man can rise up in the air a little bit by holding jump, and has a longer wavedash than most characters. Use this increased mobility to maneuver around your opponents and dodge projectiles




Ice Man has a lot of tools at his disposal to pressure and trap the opponent. Making good use of these tools can lead to some nasty combos, as well as situations where it may be tricky for the opponent to escape without getting hit. Ice Man is also very good at dodging projectiles. His rise can make it very easy to avoid incoming projectiles, and his long wavedash can allow him to escape from the opponent safely.

While Ice Man is great at trapping his opponents in tight corners, both of his specials cost a decent amount of EP. If used too much, it can leave you unarmed with not many options except for running away from the opponent and trying to attack with Normal Shot. Additionally, if the opponent has good invulnerability or a move that pings, it can definitely spell trouble for Ice Man.

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