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Metal man


By Hidrisu and Uranus (edited by Coreeno)



Normal Shot: Metal Blade: Metal Man throws a high speed Metal Blade in 8 directions. This is a really versatile move thanks to it's speed, ability to be aimed and how spammable it is. Up to 2 blades can be fired at once.

Special 1: Cone Shot/8-way Blade: Metal throws 2 Metal Blades at once at diagonal angles. This move can be aimed in four directions. If used up-close both blades will hit as a multi-hit move. Costs 2ep.
Using S1 in mid-air, without holding a direction will unleash the 8-way blade (or Bladenado for short), a move that shoots a metal blade in all 8 directions. This move's best use is for zoning in free-for-alls, but it's not the best in 1v1s. Costs 3ep.

Special 2: High Jump/Homing Blades/Conveyors: S2 while grounded will have Metal Man jump high up into the air at the cost of 1ep. Pressing S2 while in mid-air will fire up to 3 homing blades. Homing Blades are one of Metal's best tools, they combo into each other leading to high damage, they can even be connected to an NS Metal Blade if timed right. However, this move stops all of your horizontal movement in the air. Each blade costs 3ep each.
Holding down and pressing S2 while on the ground will transform the ground into a conveyor belt that moves in the direction you're facing. Metal isn't affected by the conveyors, making this a useful tool for keeping opponents (especially melee fighters) at a distance. This costs 2ep.




Metal is a character that takes advantage of the enemies' apertures, trying to make the other player into doing a move that leaves him vulnerable to your S2 combo while you use your good mobility and your NS + S1 for oppresing him.
The directional aspect of the Metal Blades also allows you to play in an offensive way staying constantly on top of the enemy as well as defensively, shooting from a far away platform or taking advantage of the conveyor belt to
put some distance from the foe and yourself.

Metal Man is a pretty good all rounder being able to move quite fast with a slide and wavedash while also dealing a good chunk of damage. His specials are usually very versatile, being able to hit from multiple directions. Most of his moveset don’t have heavy EP usage and are quite spammable, Finally, Metal is quite easy to pick up and play, especially with the S2, However, I would suggest looking into other moves as well since they can pack the punch when needed.


His biggest strength is also his biggest weakness. The S2 combo can miss quite easily, specially if the enemy knows well the match up and has access to ping or can jump cancel consistently. This supposes a great EP disadvantage and can be a game over. The best way to prevent this is using only the combo in crucial situations, but even so its not guaranteed to succeed. Metal also has a bad match up with characters with a consistent ping, like Wood Man, due to
his lack of attacks not based on projectiles. These situations make you play really defensively in order to not lose too much EP and depending on the stage and the ping's timing can be a really tough match up.


Metal struggles from not being able to deal a bunch of damage with his attack except  from his S2. He can struggle with characters who can take quite some hits and hit hard back such as Hard Man and Tomahawk Man and characters who can dodge his attacks. There are not many problems with Metal due to his all rounder system, but Metal can also lose SP quickly if the player doesn’t manage it properly. His S2 can drain his sp bar quite quickly if missed and Metal will need to wait for a refill or use his Neutral instead.

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