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Sheep man


By Srk4r4velho



Normal shot: Sheep Shot: SheepMan's normal shot fires a singular, wavy spark that does 3DMG. Similar in his battles, he can change the speed and direction which the spark travels by holding up or down, making it cover more space.

Special 1: Thunder Wool: A 2 DMG projectile that moves upwards and strikes down a powerful 4 DMG lightning; The T.Wool itself cannot be reflected and/or deflected, and it bypasses most shields . Its trajectory can also be altered by holding any direction, either going further or closer to Sheep's position.

Special 2: Thunder Strike: SheepMan will turn into 1 of 4 clouds that will scatter around, striking down a lighting one by one until Sheep is revealed, making him fall until he reaches the ground or gets hit; The lightning which strikes the ground also creates a shocking floor besides it, covering a big area. *[The cloud which Sheep transform into is random, thus its spawn its quite unpredictable]; If a button is pressed before the clouds disperse themselves, they'll all strike down together. Overall, S2 is a great "get off me" tool, as well as a way to prolong a life or even surprise an opponent with the cloud spawn.

Other: Charged State: If Sheep gets hit by any lightning bolt, uses Thunder Strike or taunts, he'll enter a Charged State, being noticeable by his sparkling antennas. Once in that state, Sheep's Normal Shot will gain an additional +1DMG along with being able to unleash 2 sparks instead of one, mirroring the original's direction. He can also create a shocking floor using his slide, which can damage any enemy who dares to touch it.




Sheep is a great zoner, being able to create a damaging wall with S1 that stops any opponent from approaching or avoiding his attacks, serving as both offense and defense against slow and melee characters while also granting him a Charged State, even double if used correctly. His Charged Slide combined with a well timed S2 can create a great spawn trap, making your opponent either run away or try to avoid its pattern, which can be very tricky against certain characters. His natural wavy shot can also hit enemies that are either above or below Sheep, defending him from several hits that were difficult with other characters.

With all those aspects in mind, Sheep's Normal Shot can be very tricky to land, since its wavy pattern can also bypass above or even below some enemies if isn't aimed properly, thus making him vulnerable and waiting for a new shot to be available; Characters that can deflect/reflect his shots are also a problem, since he lacks a long-range approach and will need to rely on S1/S2 for damage; Finally, his specials can be avoided quite easily depending on the opponent's characters, since S2 makes Sheep face the same direction from when he initiated the attack, leaving him open for any backstabs.

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