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By Meatbomb

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Normal Shot (NS): Tark Shot: Tark’s main method of attack, his chargeable Tark Shot, Tark Shot can be launched up to 3 times consecutively. The non-charged version of the Tark Shot does 2 DMG, while the charged up version does 4 DMG. The charged Tark Shot has two shots, which you can shoot at the same time or you can shoot them at two different times, leading to mix-ups. By shooting a Tark Shot both at your opponent as well as above them, so if they try to jump they get hit. You can do this by releasing the NS button, releasing the first shot, then pressing it again to release the second, you can do this rapid fire or take your time. It does have a specific time window though, so you can’t just hold out that second shot forever. You can use the uncharged version of the Tark Shot after you use the charged up version. You can charge the Tark Shot by holding down NS.


Special 1 (S1): Tark Cross: The Tark Cross is a good way for Tark to keep his enemies on their toes. Tark can fire it off in 3 directions being straight, down, and up. You can use the Cross in the air as well, making it have a shorter start-up time. You use the Up version of the Cross in the air to deal damage to your opponent if you notice they are in the air a fair bit. The Cross has no max shot limit, so you can use as many as you want. Though, with that being said, try to avoid spamming the Tark Cross, it doesn’t count as a combo and it just wastes EP. You want to use 2 Crosses at most for trapping your opponent. The Tark Cross does 4 DMG and costs 5 EP.

Special 2 (S2): Tark Dash: The Tark Dash is Tark’s main movement option. It lets him rapidly approach or run away from the opponent. It basically lets him zip around the stage, and is an upgrade to his regular dash. It’s a vital part of his kit because it can deflect projectiles as well. You can also change directions with it midair, which can lead to mixing-up your opponent and appearing behind them, releasing your charged Tark Shot and dealing some serious damage. The Tark Dash does 3 DMG and costs 4 EP.


Extra: You can actually combine the Cross and the Dash by pressing both buttons at the same time, causing Tark to release a slow moving Cross while quickly approaching his opponent. You can also aim the Cross while doing this tech. Note that this tech does cost 9 EP so try avoid spamming it.





Tark is a very adaptable and versatile character, you can go in and out of close range with the Dash. If Tark has to deal with an opponent that’s out damaging him, range them out. If your opponent is ranging Tark out and whittling him down, approach using the Dash.

Tark has really solid mobility, due to the Dash letting you move around so quickly. With Tark you want your opponent to play your game, if you fall into their game, it can be difficult to get out, but with a few well-placed charged Tark Shots and Crosses, you can make it back! Since You can do some serious damage with Tark using his Tark Shot and Tark Cross.

Tark is also surprisingly easy to pick and play due to his versatile moveset, anything he has trouble with he can still deal with, since he’s an all-rounder and covers all of his bases. Tark also has quite the high skill ceiling, so while he’s easy to pick up and play, it takes a while to truly master Tark!

Tark, while versatile, can get outmuscled by characters that can deal more damage using combos, or even just hard hitting moves. If his opponent is ranging Tark out using summons that can absorb damage, he can have a hard time, unless he approaches with a Dash.

But you can still deal with those matchups. Though when it comes to reflectors Tark has a difficult time, dealing with reflectors can be difficult, since any damage Tark throws out can just be reflected back at him. While it is still doable, Tark does struggle with those kinds of matchups.

Nonetheless, Tark is an all-rounder, though he does excel in damage, he can’t combo. With all that being said see you dashing in with Tark!

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