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By HopelessPurity




Normal shot: Katyusha Slash: Katyusha’s normal shot consists of her sword swinging in front of her dealing 2 damage, this may seem weak at first, but the ability to rapidly swing it and have the damage stack up {up to 8 damage!} makes this a very useful move. That’s not all though, holding down or using this move in the air causes a small tornado of slashes dealing 3 damage to go onto the battlefield, good for when you need some distance between you and your opponent. Holding up allows you to pull out a shield in front of you to block 8 shots per stock.

Special 1: Motorcycle Mode: Katyusha becomes a motorcycle to deal 3 damage and to get extra speed, during transformation, Katyusha gets some I-frames that really help her out in a pinch, with all this, you do have to be mindful that your energy points do drain after the initial 3 whilst in motorcycle mode.

Special 2: Call Gallop: Katyusha summons her pet horse, and after some time, will dash out dealing 5 damage, it can also be aimed at an upward or downward angle to give your opponent some mindgames. It also can be used as a combo starter with NS to give your opponent hell with 11 damage for only 4 EP.

Other: She has a slightly higher jump as well as the ability to float by pressing jump after letting go of the jump button, although this vertical mobility comes with the cost of a 20% slower slide




Her greatest strengths rely on her ability to deal massive damage up close, so with her Motorcycle Mode allowing her to close any distance between you and your opponent, she is devastating when she’s right in your face.

Her Gallop is also nothing to scoff at as not only is it good for when she can’t close the distance, that 11 damage combo is something that should be feared greatly. She can also pierce most shields with her slash, so hiding being one of those isn’t really gonna help against the terror she poses towards her opponents.

While her strengths do make her seem OP, her weaknesses are just as devastating to her as her strengths are to whoever she faces, as if she’s outdamaged at her effective range or can’t get to her effective range due to her being outspeeded, there’s not much you can do outside of simply hoping Gallop can make the damage tradeoffs worth it if that happens at all. She also can be countered with passive hitboxes considering her effective range will most likely cause her to overlap with that, giving her opponent a chance to escape her effective range.

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